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The Big Six – Top 6 Major Film Studios in the Movie Business

When you watch a movie, whether it be at the cinema or in the comfort of your own home, it’s seldom you actually think about where the movie was produced and how each film company secured the rights to the movie you’re watching on the screen. The movie business is extremely competitive. The six major film companies discussed below comprise 90 percent of the US and Canadian box office revenue. If you’re pondering a career in film, you may want to pay very close attention to the statistics below.

And while there are a few “mini-majors” still turning a profit in the industry (Lions Gate Entertainment and MGM for example), it’s fairly difficult for film companies to stay afloat while competing with these highly successful empires.

Below you will find the six major film companies (also known as “The Big Six”) and a brief description of each:

1. Warner Bros. Pictures. Comprising a whopping 19.7 percent of the US/Canadian market share (2007 figures), Warner Bros. Pictures is the biggest player in the film industry. Securing the rights to major films like Harry Potter, Superman, Batman, The Matrix and Star Wars have made Warner Bros. the No. 1 name in the business.

2. Paramount Pictures. With 15.5 percent of the US/Canadian market share (2007 figures), Paramount Pictures continues to be one of the most successful film production companies in the world. Star Trek, War of the Worlds, the Mission Impossible series, Transformers and Tropic Thunder are just a few of the popular films produced by Paramount Pictures.

3. Walt Disney. One of the most renowned film production companies in the history of the business, Walt Disney now holds 15.3 percent of the US/Canadian market share (2007 figures). With highly successful movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, Meet the Robinsons and Enchanted, there’s no doubt that Disney will continue to play a key role in the industry for years to come.

4. Columbia Pictures. Comprising 12.9 percent of the US/Canadian market share (2007 figures), Columbia Pictures remains a big player in the business. Some of this company’s recent successes include Casino Royale, The Da Vinci Code, the Spider-Man series and Step Brothers.

5. Universal Studios. 12.2 percent of the US/Canadian market share (2007 figures) belongs to Universal Studios, which continues to make millions for the film industry. With major hits like the Bourne series (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum), The American Pie series, Knocked Up, American Gangster and The Incredible Hulk, it’s very clear that Universal Studios knows what it takes to make money in this industry.

6. 20th Century Fox. Also known as “Twentieth Century Fox,” this highly successful movie production company makes up 11.9 percent of the US/Canadian market share (2007 figures). Some of the biggest and most successful movies from this empire include the X-Men series, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Star Wars Episodes II and III, and the Fantastic Four.

Once again, if you’re looking for a career in the film industry, the six companies listed above are the cream of the crop. If you have the opportunity to work for one of these companies, we wouldn’t suggest passing it up.

Source by Selena Valoure

Is There a Future For Graduates of Political Science?

Can one make a living out of political science? The answer to this question will be answered below. But before proceeding, it is also important to know the basics of this course. So, what really is political science? This question is often the most basic point that students of law, politicians, and even laymen are trying to answer in their quest to understand politics. At its most basic core, political science is the study of political behavior, political processes and dynamics, as well as the study of Governments in general. Being one of the branches of social sciences, political science aims to analyze, describe, and predict political behavior in relation with existing political systems. Although it is considered science, political science revolves around subjective elucidations rather than verifiable empirical data. As a science, its most essential function is to help individuals understand interpersonal relationships as well as study how relationships between individuals affect other individuals, groups, nation, state, and governments.

As an academic subject, political science is a relatively new form of discipline, which has only earned sufficient recognition in recent decades in the United States and other countries. It has many subfields such as philosophy, international relations, theory of political systems, political economy, policy studies, and other related fields. Formal students of political science aim to get enough understanding and knowledge of politics in general to help them in their political career. In the United States, graduates of political science are called political scientists. They can get jobs in many government agencies including exciting ones in local, state, and federal government. Some graduates can also go into law, business, electoral politics, and even international organizations.

Job responsibilities can range from boring to exciting. This includes analyzing the entire spectrum of political behavior, public opinion, taxation, public administration, and voting. Research on many public issues and political relationships are also part of the job. Political scientists can also make recommendations as well as suggestions on matters that affect the environment, business, and citizens. Elections such as the coming 2010 Federal Election in Australia can get varied opinions on TV, radio, and other media from many political scientists involved or monitoring the event.

Since getting into career options in college considers the chance of getting employed after graduation, or the high number of future employers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States made a study on the course. The Bureau claimed that jobs available for political scientists is constantly increasing. Thus, there is bright future in this field just like any other career. Average alerting of political scientists depends on their education, geographic position, and experience, but usually the starting salary is $ 27,000. Those with advanced degrees can make more than the average. Further, bachelor's degree holders can also move into paralegals or administrative assistants vacancies. Many graduates of this course can also employ them in colleges and universities. On top of this, they can also boost their income by teaching summer school courses, writing books, and even doing consulting works.

Source by Harvey Russell

4 Critical Tips on How to Buy Rough Diamonds

Renowned for their durability and brilliance, a diamond is the most infamous gemstone in the world. Because the price and quality of a diamond can depend heavily on how it is cut and shaped, it's possible to save money by purchasing rough or uncommitted diamonds for wholesale prices.

Most buyers who opt to purchase rough diamonds then have the diamond cut down into either one or multiple stones by a professional gem cutter or jeweler. Buyers and jewelers typically go this route if they have a particular style or design that they want to fit the diamond into and can not use a standard, already-cut diamond.

If you're planning to purchase rough diamonds, know that this can be a great way to save money, but it can also be a great way to get scammed. Before you make a rough diamond purchase, you need to be aware of the product and the market. So, keep reading for some critical tips that will help you with your next rough diamond purchase.

1. Always use an accredited and respected seller.

Even though they're not yet cut and shaped, rough diamonds are still an expensive commodity. As with any major purchase, you should do your business with a seller or retailer who you trust and believe is accountable. In turn, stay away from unreliable or potentially suspicious sources that could have been trying to sell illegally stolen or fake diamonds.

2. Look for an ethical or conflict-free product.

Because rough diamonds are easier to sell and unload on the open market, it's important that you do not inadvertently sell an illegally procured or unethical diamond. Diamonds that are certified under the UN's voluntary Kimberly Process certification program are conflict-free and their purchase will not fund arms or military conflict.

3. Always seek an expert's advice.

If you can afford it, bring an expert appraiser along with you when you go to make your rough diamond purchase. Otherwise, ask the seller for an escrow arrangement where the purchase funds are held in trust until you can have the stones appraised by an independent gemologist or lab. If the seller is unwilling to guarantee their product or allow for an inspection, look for another seller.

4. Have your rough diamond appraised before and after you bring it to a jeweler.

While jeweler fraud is rare, it does occur. If you're bringing a rough diamond to a jeweler to have it cut and shaped, bringing the appraisal with you and let the jeweler know you'll be having it appraised after the piece is cut. This simple action can prevent the temptation of fraud or possible misrepresentation.

Source by Jared Adams

SEO Technology – Know Your Competition

Webmasters looking to implement SEO technology to increase web traffic often underestimate the importance of knowing what your competition is doing to achieve high rankings. Using one of the latest software tools in SEO technology can help identify your competition and analyze their sites to know exactly what they are doing.

Being able to analyze immediately and break down a high ranking competitor site and know what keywords they are using, who is back linking to them can provide a great starting point to implementing your own effective SEO technology.

It used to be that you had to rely on a so-called SEO expert to help get traffic going to your website and that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per site and does not allow you the ability to monitor daily things like back links, search rankings and competitor site changes.

Recently there have been great software tools available that, for a fraction of the cost allow you to implement your own SEO technology and monitor a whole host of key factors on a daily basis. You can find out what sites are back linking to your and if they are favorable back links. You can also find out where you list within any of the major search engine results compared to those competitors you can analyze to make the necessary changes to improve search engine rankings.

Competitor research is without a doubt one of the very best ways to start your own implementation. Knowing what they are doing and being able to not only use this information but improve upon it to move ahead of your competitors can make the difference between little search results and massive amounts of site visitors.

Source by Steve Phipps

Style Watch – Be a Fashion Diva This Fall

For Fall 2007, bright colors and big skirts dominate the fashion runways. For fashionistas, this means we need to mix and match our basics with bright tops, voluminous bottoms and our most fashionable accessories. Whether you throw them on for a casual day of shopping, dress them up for a wedding or add a pair of your sexiest shoes for a night on the town, a few pieces sure keep you in step with the hottest looks include:

The Bubble Hem Dress

The fashion industry is buzzing about the new, voluminous look – and the bubble hem dress is leading the trend. With its fun, flirty look, you can dress this look down for day, up for evening and wear it practically everywhere.

Every Day: Slip a pair of leggings under your bubble hem dress with ballerina shoes and you'll look fabulous and feel comfortable all day long. Add some fun accessories like a stone pendant and matching designer handbag to sport an outfit fit for Hollywood.

Of course, the bag you pair your bubble hem dress with has to be as stylish as the dress you're sporting, so make sure it's a cutting-edge piece or a classic that simply can not go out of style. For my money, I'd go with the Fendi Zucca handbag. It's a beautiful bag that gives just a little something extra to everything it touches. And regardless of your style, there's a Fendi Zucca handbag shape and size you'll love.

Going Out: Add some glittering accessories and ankle-strap sandals and you're sure to turn heads.

Special Occasion: Stars like Sandra Bullock and BeyoncĂ© have been spotted on the red carpet in extravagant bubble hem dresses, but even if your bubble dress is a bit more on the plain side – do not worry – you can still look celebrity-fabulous by pairing your bubble hem dress with a beautiful jacket, some chic jewelry and stunning pair of heels.

The Corset Blazer

The corset blazer is a notched-collar jacket with beautiful lacced-up detail at the center of the back. It's a gorgeous, feminine variation of the classic women's blazer and is perfect for this season's modern silhouettes.

Every Day: As fall approaches, the corset blazer can add that bit of flare you want while still feeling comfortable as the cool weather approaches. Wear it with your favorite jeans, a simple white T-shirt and some fun jewelry to make it a style all your own.

Going Out: Pair this flirty, feminine jacket with a pair of low-rise jeans or an A-line skirt and a sexy corset top for the perfect evening ensemble.

Special Occasion: For a slightly more luxurious look, pair your favorite corset blazer with a flowing pair of wool trousers or a pretty satin skirt. Add a great pair of shoes and your outfit will be complete.

The Pleated Skirt

Because of their "bell" shape, pleated skirts are a perfect way to add some volume to your look and show off your figure. (even if your shape is not exactly supermodel perfect). So whether it's black, brown, gray or cream colored, this classic skirt is a must for autumn.

Every Day: Spend the day shopping with the girls or meet your honey for lunch looking stylishly in step with the trends in a solid-colored pleated skirt, a cute pair flats and your favorite printed top.

Going Out: Make a splash at the clubs with a pleated skirt, a sexy camisole and a pair of high, strappy heels that not only show off your legs but give them just a bit of length.

Special Occasion: Wear your pleated skirt with a pretty satin top or a stylish turtleneck blouse and a pair of fashion-forward booties that lace up the front or some cute pumps for an elegant, modern look that's perfect for any wedding or dinner party.

Armed with a few fantastic fall fashion ideas – go forth and shop. The best looks of the season await.

Source by Lizzie Collins

How to Organize Your Packing – The Easy Way!

1) The first step is to decide the type of clothes you will require for the entire trip. For e.g., If you are visiting a cold area, you will require more of your woollens and so on.

2) Once you have decided on that, focus on the number of clothes required For e.g., If you are on a trek, then you will have to reduce the number and also you may require more disposable items. However, please be considerate towards the environment when choosing disposable clothing.

3) Then segregate the items into outdoors or indoors. If the place you are visiting has an iron then you needn’t iron your clothes while packing. Also try and pack as much wrinkle-free clothing as possible. In India, on several occasions, women need to wear traditional clothing like Sarees, etc. These tend to wrinkle up very easily. For such items, Always pack them in a saree bag and place them in the bottom. I sometimes, use the saree boxes that the shopkeeper gives along with the sarees, this helps to prevent any damage that may occur due to leakage of any lotion etc. Another important step is to roll up all your everyday wear as well as jeans, shirts, tees, woollens, etc.

4) Also, always pack one pair of formal as well as informal footwear depending upon the area you will be visiting. If you are visiting a new place of tourist interest, you can make do with just a pair of sneakers since you will end up buying footwear from that area whilst shopping.

5) While visiting foreign lands, make sure to be accustomed with the dressing style and traditions of that place, since societal norms change drastically in many foreign lands.

6) Always carry cosmetics and other accessories in a separate smaller bag. Make sure to pack such items like lotions, shampoos in a plastic bag before placing them in your travel bag. Also if possible buy these articles at your place of visit as this will reduce your load. Also carry medicated strips of bandage in case of any emergency.

7) And always carry a smile. This is tax-free and weighs nothing!

Source by Poonam Kamath

A Day in the Life of a Fit Model

When most people think of modeling, they think of high fashion magazines and runway shows. But there are many kinds of models.

I’ve done just about all of it, but I spent the bulk of my career as a fit model.

What is a fit model?

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

A fitting model (sometimes fit model) is a person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a ‘real’ human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin.

This is a technically accurate definition, but it fails to account for the myriad of fun and challenges that goes into the day in the life of a fit model.

I used to start my workdays at 5am in military fatigues driving my car downtown for boot camp with a group of type-A wall streeters to sweat and stay fit. With music blasting and singing at the top of my lungs, I’d be psyched to work out by the time I pulled into my parking spot outside the gym.

Everywhere I went, everyone was wearing clothes I had fit and I was always working… at the gym, at a charity event, everywhere people wore clothes!

Even when I wasn’t actually in a fitting, which was almost 24/7, I’d be asking women questions about the clothes they were wearing that I had fit. I would shop the brands I fit as well as the competition, measure all the clothes, take photos of myself and others wearing the garments and give clients digital and written reports of how to improve the garments we fit. All the women at boot camp wore Gap Body undergarments and they were major consumers with excellent feedback (which made a great start to the day.)

After class, I’d re-organize my backpack for the day.

The staples in my daily New York City fit model backpack were:

*PDA, headset, extra cell phone, notebook

*approximately 6 different types of bras

*5 different styles of underwear

*Shoes: ballet flats, flip-flops, kitten heels & stiletto heels

*Makeup, hairbrush, comb, clear nail polish, manicure kit, tampons, hair ties and clips

*tape measures

*voucher books (model time sheets)

*composite cards & business cards

*safety pins, double stick tape, baby wipes, tissues, disposable plastic bag

*paperwork, pen, pencil, small stapler, scissors

*wallet with multiple metro cards

*fitted tank tops and leggings

*water bottle, meals and snacks

*always a few surprise items

Once I left the house, I probably would not be back home again until midnight-ish, so I always had to have everything I could possibly need for any situation in my backpack. By 7or 8am I would be at my first fit modeling job of the day.

When modeling, everyone always asked me how I maintained my toned figure and my response was always… I ran here and I’ll run to my next appointment & run to next and the next after that until that night, and I’d carry a very heavy bag.

I’d run by lots of interesting people every day, but never had time to chat or stop.

On one particular day, running in the garment center, I was moving quite fast but was abruptly forced to stop by several men on W36th Street as I approached a red light.

Each one was handing me a bra or a pair of underwear and yelling fire! Apparently the zipper of my backpack unzipped with the motion of the bouncy run and my undergarments were strewn all over 7th Avenue.

Luigi handed me a demi-bra as Joe was twirling my thong around his finger. I quickly gathered all I could before the light changed, but as if the personal contents weren’t embarrassing enough, I literally was on fire too!

I had a pack of matches from a restaurant in my bag that sparked from the friction of the movement and created smoke and fire in the pocket. Luckily, I had plenty of assistance and even rain overhead to douse the flames. (I made it to my appointment on time.)

During the course of the day I’d have all manner of clients and wardrobe mishaps. Once a client cut my bra off and sliced my underwear with scissors in the butt crack area when cutting jeans I was wearing.

Another time, I came home late from a fitting and noticed horrible, dark bruises all over my back. For hours, I thought I was injured or had blood clots until I finally figured out that I had worn a garment with a huge “SAMPLE” ink stamp inside the clothes that had rubbed off on me.

Once, while running to a client in the rain, I jumped into a taxi and completely split the back of my pants but I had to keep moving and get to the next job on time. With my backpack around my butt, I ran into a seamstress who could fix it and had another pair of pants to hand me. I changed behind a tree in the lobby. Clients said they set their watches by me so I could not be late.

Staying the same size wasn’t always easy. I took a colon cleanser to slim down one day and went to the bathroom so many times in a row, I got too skinny and had to pig out while running to my next fitting to get my waist back to spec in minutes. With fit modeling, it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being the same size all the time!

Life as a fit model always offered new and exciting adventures. So what does it take to be a fit model?

To be your most marketable self, being a renaissance woman definitely increases your chances of being selected by clients for fit modeling job. In addition to looking beautiful, a model needs to do her homework and bring knowledge and valuable comments to fittings. Prima donnas need not apply.

Natural optimists, multi-taskers with lots of endurance and resilient egos are best suited for fit modeling, provided she’s blessed with the proportional, standard figure and can maintain that body, ALWAYS.

A smile is a must with designer wardrobes. Clients enjoy interesting, honest, organized people and there should be a solid person with a good heart underneath the fashionable garb. Excellent communication skills, the ability to read and uplift people’s spirits, flexibility and patience are key!

Source by Dale Noelle

Fabric Care Made Easy – Understanding the Language of Symbols

What does a buyer think when they read an advertisement for golf shirts or mock turtlenecks that are made from easy-care breathable fabrics? Because there are a vast number of fabrics used today by manufacturers, it is important to know the language for the symbols used that tell you how to clean golf shirts, mock turtlenecks or other new clothing buys.

With so many fabrics used for apparel today it's difficult for most people to know what kind of clothing care is the right care. Easy care? Cold, warm or hot water? Do Not Iron? Dry Clean Only? Understanding fabric care symbols makes life a whole lot easier. And, the right cleaning method extends the life of clothes and saves buyers money.

Fortunately for buyers, clothes come straight from the manufacturers with care instruction symbols sewn or stamped on the fabric. Once buyers understand the language of the symbols used, they find it easy to properly clean new garments. The Soap and Detergent Association of America at is a representative for manufacturers of cleaning products for home, industry and institutional use. This association provides a great tool that shows basic information for describing the symbols used on clothing care labels.

Buyers can also crack the code for care labels by using the chart provided by the Textile Industry Affairs Web Info Label Talk at . This is an exhaustive listing of mixes and matches for clothing care, and may be just a bit more than the average buyer really needs.

Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs at has produced a simple to use Guide to Apparel and Textile Care Symbols. This guide is all inclusive as it combines the American and International Standards for Care labeling. In this new edition of the care label guide for washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional cleaning treatments, there are five basic symbols used to identify care.

Some clothing manufacturers may include colors on the care labels. Green means go ahead, Yellow or Amber means treat with care, and Red means not allowed to use this method.

When buyers have learned the care symbol language they save money and enjoy wearing clothing purchases, such as golf shirts and mock turtlenecks, for many years.

Source by Janet Chesal

Why Start Trading Forex?

Are you new to forex trading? It is very simple. To start forex trading, we have to know what forex is. Forex trading means selling and buying different currencies of the world. The largest and fastest growing market is the currency trading market. A forex deal is made when you buy and sell a currency at the same time. More than $ 2.5 trillion is the daily turnover. Just as goods are traded in markets, currencies are traded in forex trading market. The currencies of various countries are the "Goods" in forex markets. For example you can buy Japanese Yen with US Dollars or you can sell Euro for Canadian Dollars. It is as simple as trading one currency for another. Due to strict financial regulations individual traders were not allowed to do business in the forex market. Only from the year 1998 was forex trading made available for the public. Now the players in this market are institutional investors, central and commercial banks, hedge funds, corporations and private individuals

Forex quotes are the first thing you have to learn when you start trading. The quotes are always listed in pairs (eg AUD / CAD 101.2): the first listed currency is the base currency with a constant value of 1 unit; while the second currency listed is known as counter. If you are a forex novice, then it is worthwhile to play it safe. You should stick yourself to trading with only one currency pair. Once you get used to the system, try expanding your trading. You can be more risk-taking and adventurous. In the example given above, AUD / CAD 101.2 means a dollar of Australian dollar is equivalent to 101.2 Canadian dollars. That means, the quote shows the relative value of one currency when compared to the other. It implies that the value of AUD had been increased when AUD / CAD quote goes up.

Every quote has two sides, 'bidding' and 'asking'. The profit lies in the differences of 'bid & ask' price. For example JPY / USD 1.2433 / 1.2441; the 'bid' price is the price at which you sell the base currency; while the 'ask' price is where you buy the base currency. "Spread" is the difference of 'bid & ask'. In the example of JPY / USD 1.2433 / 1.2441, this means you can buy 1 Japanese Yen with 1.2441 USD or sell 1 Japanese Yen 1.2433. The US dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, and Swiss Franc are the seven major currencies traded. The most traded currency is the US dollar. If you happen to live in one of these countries it is better to start trading in that currency. It is because you will be in a better position to analyze its strength. To conclude, forex trading is claimed as "The World's Most Powerful Home-based Business". New investors should take time to learn this skill well, attend seminars, do paper work, read books and practice everything with a demo account before you consider trading with your own money. Forex trading is a long term solid way to make money and good profits.

Source by Lance Gyroux

Wholesale Men’s Sunglasses: New Styles in Demand

The wholesale sector of men’s sunglasses is advancing, getting bolder and more fashionable. Being modern, and looking modern is the current icon of men’s sunglasses fashion. The revival of vintage models of eyewear is also making waves. What are the newest styles? What can retailers expect from men’s sunglasses wholesalers?

It appears that various retro styles are back in fashion. Remodeled Aviator Sunglasses, with a new spin, are back on the scene. They appear to be making their reappearance with great flair. There are various models to choose from. From classic teardrop lenses to squarer frames, there is no limit to the revival of this classic accessory. Eyewear that hasn’t lost any of its appeal, making its way back into the forefront of men’s eyewear fashions. Apart from the Aviator, it seems that Ray Ban inspired sunglasses are also making a comeback. These replicas not only recapture the allure that the sunglasses had on first arriving on the scene, but they are positively connecting with the current fashion trends as well. The re-launching of this product has invigorated the men’s sunglasses market.

The Harley Davidson inspired replica is an exciting alternative. They are the picture of modern trends while still having the appearance of motorcycle goggles. The revival of vintage trends by the wholesale men’s sunglasses industry is having an interesting effect on the retail sector.

The whole range of sunglasses for men appear to be getting sportier. There are a large variety of sports models available on the wholesale sector. Deeply contoured sunglasses that guarantee protection from the elements are also available in the market along with Sunglasses that are ultra-light and durable. These models are fine tuned for sportsmen. The sports and casual eyewear models come in a wide variety of colors, with tinted lenses. From sports visors, to print ensembles, the whole range of men’s sports sunglasses is exciting and prevalent to modern day men, who are now more fitness conscious than ever before. This awareness is impacting the range of sunglasses for men, so much so that more than a third of the items on offer are either sports or casual eyewear products. This trend gives evidence that a growing number of men practice sports. It is apt for the wholesale men’s sunglasses to reflect this demographic and illustrate what a big impact sports is making on men’s fashion.

Colorful models also find their way onto the list of men’s eyewear fashions, reflecting the currently changing trends in men’s sunglasses. The move away from the traditional has encouraged men once again to choose brighter colors to “dress their eyes”. It may seem audacious since men traditionally stick to black, however it seems that color is back on the checklist of what’s cool.

High tech sunglasses are also in on the mainstream. Polarized sunglasses are becoming more popular. Fluorescent lenses and modern lightweight materials are the new craze taking the market by storm. Bold brims with large emblems are featured by top design houses, again tortoise and tiger prints are featured on elegant and extravagant pieces. Browns are back as a staple color for beautifully crafted sunglasses.

The newest styles of wholesale men’s sunglasses are brilliant, and exciting. They will not fail to catch consumer interest in an already established market sector.

Source by Ramanathan Gangadharan