What Features Do Washing Machines Have?

Hotpoint washing machines have several key features that make it a wise selection when choosing it among other washing machines. One of its first great advantages is that it comes in either a top loading or a front loading model depending on your preference and personal needs. While operating, the machine can be set up to run silently or can be allowed to finish quickly. When looking at load capacity, these machines can handle anywhere from a smaller model for couples to a larger model that can handle large loads for families.

The machine has a total of nine wash cycles to select from, including one that is specifically for infant clothing. The agitator will not tear up clothes as in older models by featuring a FlexCare agitator. This type of agitator is gentler on clothing and does not cause clothes to twist and get wound around it. For safety, the machine also has a child lock feature that prevails children from playing where they should not.

To reduce time in the dryer, hot point washing machines spin at a high rate, around 1600 rpm, which wrings more water from the clothing. They come out of the machine partly dry and spend less minutes in the dryer or outside on the clothes line. This equals not only time saved buy reduced energy costs as well.

Purchasing a hotpoint appliance is a wise investment for its features, energy saving capability, and ease of use. The choice in styles and design also make it an attractive addition to the home.

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