Tips to Find the Right Real Estate Agent for You

Finding a real estate agent that will really work with you and for you can be an arduous process. Part of a successful home buying or selling experience is finding a realtor who knows and understands your needs and can help you work towards your goals together and successfully. Here are a few tips for finding that great realtor who can transform your home buying or selling experience into something you will remember fondly.

1. Get recommendations from your friends and family who have recently sold or bought homes in your area. They will be able to tell you from firsthand experience who they worked with and what their experience was with that real estate agent and if they would recommend others to work with them, too. If you are not in a position to get first hand advice from people you know, do some internet research. Look up local realors you could potentially work with and take a look at their professional profiles, their qualifications, and work history if it is available. If you decide to connect with any of these realtors feel free to ask them for recommendations from bosses, coworkers and former clients; this will give you a look at who they are and what their working style is when it comes to working with you and your real estate situation.

2. Make sure the real estate professionals you are looking at are officially licensed; most states list the real estate agents who have passed the state certificates. Do not waste your time looking at unqualified agents.

3. If you are looking to buy a new home you will be looking for a real estate agent with different credentials than someone who is looking to sell their current home. Real estate agents often specialize in certain types of properties so finding one that specializes in exactly what you need will make the process go even smoother. If you are looking for rental properties you can find a realtor who specializes in local rentals; the same goes for selling your home through a realtor who is comfortable and very familiar with the housing market you are looking to sell into as well as the details of pricing in your neighborhood.

4. Make sure that when you get closer to choosing a real estate agent that you have already gotten the answers to a few questions: do they work in your area? Do they have a history of successful buying and selling experiences? Are they qualified and experienced? Will they work in your favor?

5. Meet face to face to see if you and your potential real estate agent are compatible. If you are not able to be on the same page after meeting together and discussing the details of your property needs then you will want to consider another realtor. However, if you find someone who you like and who sees on top of the housing market in your area, go for it!

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