Yeast Vaginal Infections

Yeast Vaginal infections are a nemesis for a lot of female and some do not even know what has really gone wrong. The fact is that this infection gives off an embarrassing person if it is not treated and attend to early.

What really is Yeast infection?

Yeast infection also known as Yeast Vaginitis / Candida is a fungus. The fungus type that causes infection is called Candida albicans . Yeast is generally found on the human skin in areas that are moist and warm, most specifically the mouth, underarms and the vaginal area. Depending on the conditions / environ this fungus will become infectious and mutate quickly.


  • There are over twenty (20) different species of Candida with the most common one being Candida Albicans.
  • Approximately 20-50% of healthy women have yeast present in their vaginal area.

Symptom of Candida Infection.

  • The infection develops when new yeast is introduced in the vaginal area and also when there is a drastic increase of the amount of yeast
  • that was already present in the vagina. This amount would exceed the normal quantity of bacteria that is suppose to be present.
  • Women who do regular chemotherapy and suffer injury through such are also liable.
  • Douching is another way to aggravate the fungus.
  • Douching removes the healthy secret and normal bacteria from the vagina.
  • Tight or poorly ventilated clothing, including damp bathing suits or pantyhose.
  • Significant dietary changes, poor nutrition, and bad eating habits like junk food.
  • Frequent exposure to sperm and semen over a short period of time.
  • Improper wiping from rear to front after using the toilet.
  • Sweating, which can also increase your pH level.
  • Menopause.
  • Perfumed feminine hygiene sprays.
  • Allergic reactions.

Causes of Yeast Infection .

  • Itching or Burning Sensation In Your Intimate Parts
  • Vaginal Odor Or Vaginal Discharge
  • Painful Urination or Other Urinary Disorders
  • Painful Sex
  • Sexual Dysfunction or Impotence
  • Depression or Mood Swings
  • Chronic Rashes
  • Constant Tiredness or Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Joint Pain or Swelling

This is not a sexual transmitted infection. There are ways to cure yeast infection as stated by a nutritionist and health consultant on my site.

Source by Kirk K Johnson

Popular Designer Salwar Kameez Styles for Spring 2011

Salwar kameez still in trend

Fashion is never constant and for women it's changing every day or rather every hour from clothing to hairstyles. For Indian women despite the costumes vary as per the occasions but surely salwar kameez is ageless piece of elegant clothing. With cool and pleasant atmosphere around this summer suddenly has lots to offer. Designer salwar kameez are great authentic pieces of a professional innovative works for every festive season. This outfit is exclusive and is for every occasion from a cocktail to reception. It's preferred because of its easy to carry drape rather than other outfits. It's a must buy for every women. Spring collections are made from fabrics like crepe which is apt for climate transition phase from winter to summer too.

Reasons to own designer salwar kamiz:

Many designers have presented this spring collections in many fashion weeks like Lakme, Wills lifestyle and several new collections are expected to arrive. To own a designer salwar kameez is a desire of every woman. The specialty in them is the intricate sequencing and patch work done in every piece without any two costumes of a kind. As designer work is not cheap so the clients are specific on their purchase. This adds a unique element to their personality and wardrobe too, making the person a trend setter in surrounding. The best part of designer product is the unmatched comfort fitting, the research they put in creating a single piece due to the label value. The differences are very evident from the local pieces and a designer work from prints, stitching; quality of fabric, sequences, delicate hand and machine work stands always apart. In kameez the low neck line are very trendy and hot this spring season. Above all the final look of attire which is because of the pecicular design and finishing from the choice of threads in the color of sequences makes the costume timeless and can be worn several times. Designer salwar kameez for spring is forever multi utility costume. Salwar kameez are categorized as per different events like exotic salwar kameez, trendsetter salwar kamiz, Patiala, chudidar salwar kameez to simplify choice.

Let's have a look at the fabrics used by designers for salwar kamiz collections:

Chanderi jacquard, semi crepe, chanderi silk, cotton, pure crepe and rayon material! Many designers have their specific likes which are clearly visible in their collections. Like Manish Arora will always keep black color as base is filled with various bright colors. Another prominent designer is Neeta Lulla who spring collections are inspired by the life around her and her fashion forecast is fusion wearing making kurta's give every girl and women the very classic Indo western look. Ritu Kumar too is very fashionable and leading designer clothes clothes offer a range for fashioners from 18 years till 70 years.

The prices vary as per designer brand and fabrics used. Normally initial range is not very expensive and starts from 3000 / – above. I know it's hard to stop yourself after reading this. Gift yourself this Christmas a good designer salwar kameez and fall in love with the exclusive wear.

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Good News – Not All Genital Warts Are Caused By STDs

When a man who is not active sexually finds that he has warts on his penis, he may be confused and panicked. But, most people don’t realize that warts on your penis may not be caused by an STD. It is possible that they are caused by one of several skin conditions.

These nonvenereal warts often look exactly like sexually transmitted warts. Often, warts on the penis are caused by HPV, or papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease. A layman can’t tell the difference, but any dermatologist can tell you which is which.

Psoriasis is a skin condition where warts and lesions appear in certain areas of the body due to dry skin. You will often find these warts on the scrotum, penis itself or rectal area, the same places sexually transmitted warts appear. You may also experience itching and skin irritation around the wart. You may notice that the itching comes and goes. If you suffer from psoriasis, you probably will have other similar lesions on other parts of the body. Most commonly these are found on the back, knees or elbows.

Lichen planus is another non-sexually transmitted condition which may produce warts on the penis. These have a certain look; they are often flat on top, polygonal and slightly scaled. As with psoriasis, those who suffer from lichen planus often have similar skin trouble on different parts of the body.

These conditions are usually harmless and the warts usually disappear by themselves without treatment. But, in certain cases, they may become more numerous. If this happens, you should definitely talk to your doctor about treatment. Often, the same kinds of treatment are used for both venereal and nonvenereal warts such as these. The options are the same; chemicals, surgery or laser treatment to remove the warts. The main point of this treatment is to simply reduce the discomfort on your penis.

There are also medications which may be prescribed by your doctor for you to treat your penile warts by yourself at home. These are almost always used by prescription only. There are also over-the-counter drugs used to treat warts, but most doctors recommend not using them. If used incorrectly, the result can be serious pain and worsening of the problem. When you are being treated for penile warts, or during times when you are suffering from an outbreak, you should always wear loose clothes and cotton underwear. This will keep the affected areas from becoming irritated, and it goes for both HPV and nonvenereal warts.

If you aren’t a sexually active person, but you find that you have warts on your penis, talk to your doctor about treating the problem. Don’t be ashamed and feel like you picked it up somewhere. Cases of non-venereal genital warts are quite common.

Source by Judy Wellsworth

6 Slow Computer Solutions

It is pretty much inevitable that a computer will slow down at some point in its life cycle, and it's really frustrating, take it from someone who knows.

If your computer is slow I bet there are two things on your mind:

  1. How do I speed up the computer, and
  2. Taking a sledge hammer to your painfully slow computer that is driving you crazy.

I bet it would feel good to give the computer a beating with a sledge hammer, but I wager you will regret it because those "computer watch ya my call its" are not cheap. There are a lot of different things you can do to speed up a computer, so before you run out and buy a new computer, I recommend you read the rest of this article for some helpful solutions.

Slow Computer Solutions:

  1. Reduce the number of programs that start-up when your computer turns on. Open run, type msconfig and click ok. Click on the Startup tab, you will see a list of programs that startup when the computer turns on, uncheck any programs that you are sure you do not need.
  2. Disable the pretty stuff. Go to 'control panel', then open 'System' properties, in the 'Advanced' tab click 'Performance', and then select 'adjust for best performance'.
  3. Use antivirus software to scan for viruses and other malicious code that might have infected your computer. It is beneficial to make sure you have the latest virus definitions before you scan your system, otherwise you will not get the best results. It is also suggested that a virus scan is connected at least once a week on your computer.
  4. The contents of the recycle bin take up space on your hard disk, if there are any unnecessary files in the recycle bin I recommend removing them to free up space.
  5. Turnoff the computer for approximately 60 seconds so you can be almost certain the RAM memory has been flushed out. Plus a good old fashion restart fixes a variety of computer problems.
  6. PCs need a set amount of free space on the hard drive to perform various functions such as saving files, storing temporary files accrued while browsing the internet and file swapping to name a few activities. It is recommended for optimal performance that you should have no less than 15% of your hard-drive space free at all times. If you need to free up some space on your PC I suggest searching for any unnecessary programs and files and removing them.

Source by Michael Doring

Newton’s Third Law and The Secret Physics of Drumming

Dating back to 4000 BC in Egypt, drums are the oldest known instrument in the world. Not only have people been using drums for a long time, but Macaque monkeys also use drumming to show dominance and communicate. Drums have been used all over the world as a means of communication or a way to create music. People who play the drums heavily rely on the physics behind them, but many people never truly realize how much newton’s third law takes place in their activity. When a person plays drums, to simply put it, they are just hitting drums in different ways at different times. The main thing they are doing is bouncing a stick, a hand, a mallet or something similar off of a drum. Without being able to bounce something off the drum, drumming would be drastically different, or even non-existent in this day and age.

Both the sticks, mallets, hands, etc., and the makeup of the drum itself have major roles in the physics of drumming. For example, without Newton’s Third Law, the drumstick would never bounce off the drum, leaving drums having a dull and bland smacking noise. Newton’s Third Law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The action would be the sticks hitting the drum, and the equal and opposite reaction are the sticks bouncing off the drum. As the sticks push against the drumhead, the drumhead also pushes against the sticks with an equal and opposite force, leaving the drum resonating with sound and the sticks back up in the air. This is possible because of the tension in the circular membrane of the drumhead. The tension makes it easier for the sticks to apply more force to the drumhead and make a louder sound while being pushed back up to hit again. Different drums also have different ways they need to be hit. For example, the snare drum needs to be hit in the center, whereas the timpani drum needs to be hit near the sides.

The ideal circular membrane has a fundamental frequency of ƒ1=0.765((√ T/σ)/D), where ƒ = frequency, T = membrane tension, σ = mass per unit, and D = the diameter of membrane. With this ideal frequency, it is easiest and most efficient to hit the drumstick off of the drum. Leading back to Newton’s Third Law, when it is most efficient to hit the drumstick off of the drumhead the forces of the sticks and the drum are completely equal and the drum leaves a resonating sound as the stick goes back up the be used to hit the drum again.

Source by Maeve M Johnson

How To Troubleshoot Your Computer's Mouse

The Motherboard is the largest component in your PC and the Central Processing Unit is its brain. But when your input devices go on the blink, you're shut down for awhile. When Computer Mice problems come, we do not panic as fast when we can not access our hard drive.

When you grab your mouse and either click or roll the buttons and nothing happens, your computing fun stops. Even though the mouse is a little input device, you will wish you understood its every aspect when it dies.

When input device failure occurs, the problem may lie with the computer's hardware, the mouse, the OS or Operating System. Let's take a look at what you should check when mouse failure occurs. If you need help with mouse components, contains photos of every component in the computer.

When the mouse dies, you should be able to perform the same functions with the keyboard. It may be a little closer but you will not be shut down completely.


First … If the mouse has no movement, first look at the mouse connection at the rear of the computer.Be sure it is plugged in completely.

Second … remove the plug and inspect for connectors or pins that may be broken or bent. The connector is color coded with green being that of the mouse.

If your mouse uses the USB or Universal Serial Bus connector, check the connectors for any damage and be sure it is plugged in.


Should your mouse quit in the middle of computing, save your work immediately. Press the ALT key to access your program and save your work.

Check the connection in the rear to be sure it has not worked itself loose.If the connection is tight, inspect the mouse components for dirt.

Remove the retain and trackball inside the mouse. Clean the Ball with a mild solution and be sure all residence is removed.And clean the Ball Cavity with a cotton swab. Replace the ball and secure it with the retainer.

Connect the mouse to the system unit and boot the computer. Try clicking a program to see if the mouse works. If the mouse fails, check the device driver for the mouse.


This problem may be the result of your computer being affected by a virus. Use your Anti Virus software to scan your sysem for viruses.

You can go to to download a free version of anti virus software if you do not have anti virus software installed on your system.

A corrupt device driver can also cause the mouse to misbehave. Check the device driver by opening the Control Panel, and open the System folder.

Select the device driver tab and use the down arrow key to scroll down to the mouse.Expand the mouse to see if the driver is installed.

If you see a yellow icon, the mouse has a problem and you can try to re-install the device driver.First uninstall the mouse from Windows and reboot the PC.

After the system reboots, the operating system will find the mouse and re-install the driver.If you have a wireless or USB mouse, re-installing the special software may be in order.

A misbehaving mouse may occur when you install another device on your system. If this happens, the mouse and new device may be conflicting with each other by using the same address.

Unplug any hardware you installed and uninstall any software recently installed. See if the mouse operates properly.

Use the System Restore utility to set your computer back to a time when the mouse was working as it should. The Registry can be the culprit of the mouse behaving badly.

You can connect your mouse to another computer to verify it is bad. If the mouse works on another system, check the problems stated in the PC's operating system.


To keep the mouse performing at its very best, you should take the time to clean the components of your mouse.Regularly clean the mouse, both inside and out.

Clean the outside of the mouse with rubbing alcohol. This solution is best since it does not leave any residue.Take the time to clean a small area first, to to certain any damage to the plastic will not occur.

The components inside the mouse to be cleaned are the Rollers, as well as the Ball.These two parts are the most important to be kept clean and always take great care in doing so.

Carefully take apart the mouse by turning the retaining ring counter clockwise to unlock it. Remove the Ball and clean it with warm water and not alcohol.

The rollers inside the mouse cavity can be cleaned with alcohol by dampening a Q Tip and wiping the rollers gently.

With clean hands, insert the ball back in the mouse and replace the retaining ring. Now enjoy your mouse and should it cause any problems, you're armed with the knowledge of how to diagnose and repair most problems

Copyright 2006 Otis Cooper

Source by Otis Cooper

The History And Love Of The Remote Control

If you are an avid television watcher, you probably watch a variety of programming. With the developments of satellite and cable in recent years, we all have more channel options to watch than we are barely able to click through using our remote. Thank goodness for the remote control, because it would be really annoying to have to stand in front of our television sets are continuously change the channels ..

In early years of television, the remote control was nothing like the ones that we use today. The first company to come out with a remote control for the television was The Zenith Radio Corporation in 1950. It was connected to the television with a wire and worked electronically. Five years later they came out with the wireless remote that worked by beaming a light onto a photoelectric cell. This remote was not very reliable because other light sources could interfere with its operation.

Remote controls play a very big part today in our use of many electronics. Televisions were the first things that we used them for. Today we use them for our televisions, satellite or cable receivers, stereos, garages, lights, ceiling fans, and our VCR and DVD players. We even get a remote of sorts with our new vehicles now that will lock and unlock our doors and engage or disengage the alarm system for us. If we can find a way to make and use a remote control with something we certainly will. A couch potato would be non existent without remote control.

Some people have an actual fear of their remotes because they can be so complicated to program. If you lose your programming instructions, then you could be in trouble. You could have to call in an expert. The fear of mashing a wrong button and disengaging your programming is something that people fear most.

When our remotes are working well and we familiarize ourselves with them and get a general idea how they work, suddenly they become one of our best friends. We are no longer afraid to touch them, but also become quite sure that no one else in the house knows a thing about it. We have probably officially become a remote control junkie.

You know you have become totally dependent on a remote control device when you have misplaced it and then become extremely anxious. You can be standing in front of your television and be more than capable of changing the channel or raising or lowering the volume, but you must use the remote! It will drive you crazy until you find it.

Source by Dror Klar

Buying and Investing in Foreclosures, REOs, Bank-Owned Homes in Georgia – How to Protect Yourself

Anyone knows that when you are investing in something as expensive as real estate, you have to be very careful about many things. Buying a home, whether you intend to live in the home or use it as an investment, is a pricey proposition.

The first place that a buyer can get slipped up is with the sales price itself. With the economy and housing market in its current condition, you want to be extra careful that you know the value of the home you are purchasing. No one wants to over pay for a home these days, and values can vary wildly from one area to another. It is so important to get an extensive Comparative Market Analysis done on the home before making an offer. This will include information on sold properties within the last 6-9 months in the same neighborhood (or immediate area) using homes of comparable size. Your Realtor should also compare the number of days on the market, closing costs paid by the seller and several other factors.

As in many other areas of the country, Atlanta has experienced mortgage fraud and foreclosures in the last 1-2 years. This means that a good CMA should take into consideration those foreclosure homes (or over inflated values) that were a part of both problems in the Atlanta, Georgia real estate market.

The second thing to be sure of is to have plenty of “due diligence” time in your contract. Even though a bank says that a home is being sold “as is”, this does not mean a buyer should not have adequate time to inspect a property. An experienced foreclosure agent knows how to negotiate a due diligence time period to protect their buyer client. This is a time period to do an inspection, check out the schools, check out upcoming zoning around the home and any other due diligence you want to do on the property. The Georgia real estate contract provides a spot for a certain number of days for due diligence, so use it!

A third way to protect yourself is to have a thorough title examination done on the property. It is imperative to make sure that you have clean title which is free of any liens such as mechanics liens, tax liens and past due HOA fees. Your closing attorney in Georgia (as we do not use title companies to close) will order a title search to be done, however getting the HOA information is sometimes a bit harder. Make sure you do this during your due diligence.

It is important to ALWAYS purchase owner’s title insurance on a home, but especially on a home that was a foreclosure. If you are obtaining new mortgage financing, you get a discount on the owner’s title insurance at closing (because the lender is also buying their policy at the same time). This is well worth the one time cost of the policy as it will protect you from challenges to your title.

Make sure that when you are purchasing a foreclosure or REO property that you know the outcome you want for the property. In other words, do you plan to rent the property out? Do you plan to fix it up and sell it? Knowing your plans will help you negotiate and estimate costs before you buy. This way, you can look at the Atlanta, Georgia real estate market as a whole and figure out where you fit in to make the most profit later.

Source by Terry L. Cason

The Differences Between Anime and Cartoon

Cartoon is a term that once referred to fine art during the renaissance period. Somehow, though, the term’s meaning evolved (or devolved, depending on how you look at it) into humorous and witty illustrations and, finally, into animated programs meant to entertain people, mostly children. For, clarity, the term ‘cartoon’ in this article shall be referring to the animated programs. Recently, however, a new term has been coined: Anime. And the distinction between these two has caused much confusion.

Strictly speaking though, there should be no distinction between anime and cartoon. Anime is a term used by the Japanese to refer to animated cartoons, from their own country and from others as well. Somehow, though, the world started using the term anime in reference to Japanese cartoons exclusively. Japanese animation was once called japanimation, but this term was aptly discarded when the term ‘Anime’ was put into use.

Some say that they see absolutely no difference between the two, even going so far as to classify both cartoons and anime as ‘childish’ because of the nature of how they are presented, much to the woe of anime fans. Technically, there’s no official difference and they are somewhat correct. But you only have to watch a single episode of any anime series and you’ll see that anime is far more than your usual slapstick comedy man-tripping-on-a-banana-peal early morning cartoons. There is a real and profound difference between the two besides their spellings: Anime is so much more than ‘just a cartoon’.


Cartoons usually have a simple and defined plot. And they’re usually about the good guys fighting the bad guys. Cartoons rarely go beyond that old cliché. Most Anime series, on the other hand, are also about the same good vs. evil but the plots are rarely simple and rarely predictable. You’ll find an element of politics, religion, humanity, and a score of several other abstract concepts within an anime. Whereas cartoons are just about ‘evil’ cats chasing ‘innocent’ mice or a hero defending himself and others from a very evil bully. Anime can blur the lines between good and evil so much that you’ll be left wondering which side is really right. Look at the plot of Gundam, there aren’t any good guys or bad guys. They’re both fighting for a cause – a worthy one, and both sides are prepared to do good and evil to achieve their goals. Look at the Wave Country arc of Naruto. Zabuza, evil as he was, had evoked more sympathetic tears than any of the typical Disney antagonists. There are, however, few exceptions to the ‘cartoons are simple’ rule. There are cartoon series that are far advanced like X-men.

In terms of humor, anime goes beyond the slapstick comedy that cartoons offer. There won’t be any corny joke about the chicken crossing the road with anime. There won’t even be the quintessential banana peal. Anime humor is deep and witty. However, it is to be noted that cartoons are mostly for kids. Anime can be for an adult audience; it mostly is, actually. There are even times when anime plots are hardly suited for children.


In cartoons, there’s a protagonist, an antagonist, and a damsel in distress. Their roles are well-defined and clear and the characters always act according to their roles. In anime, however, the damsel in distress may very well become the antagonist, leaving the protagonist in distress. There’s no knowing what to expect in anime. Anime characters, a lot of times, are developed overtime through trials and growth, while cartoon characters remain the same from when the show started. (Of course, there are exceptions such as Spiderman.) Since there’s an ongoing plot, Anime characters actually grow up and may even produce the next generation for the series. Anime fans tend to get into the characters a lot deeper because of the characters’ depth and charm. Consider Naruto; viewers see him growing up from an infant to a young powerful ninja, the way he relates to people, the way he learns new techniques, and the way he evolves visually. That is one of the chief reasons for popularities of anime over plain cartoons.

Source by Henry Hsieh

How to Create Your Personal Style

Every man needs a way to set himself apart from the crowd. Women look for men who take the initiative, and develop their own unique style. There's no simple way to accomplish this goal; instead, it's important to combine multiple aspects into one meaningful package. A number of different categories are involved in attaining this end goal, but we'll focus on three major factors for the purpose of giving you a head start on attaining your own personal style.

Clothing: Your clothing has to reflect who you are in the world. Of course, it's important to maintain different wardrobes for different occasions. You need to format specific dress codes for each situation. For example, work necessitates a certain style that is confident yet professional. Going out to bars and clubs requires dress that has more panache, and demonstrates to the world that you have a sense of style that is unique.

You do not have to go all out and spend thousands of dollars in your first trip to the department store. Many of the items you already have in your closet can be used to compliment the clothing that you're adding. Considering that retro is more in than ever, it's certainly possible that some of the stuff hidden under your bed that you have not worn since high school is back in high fashion.

Perhaps even more important than your choice of clothing is the way you wear it. Even if you're wearing expensive, designer clothes, you'll immediately be deducted if there are obvious stains. It almost does not need to be stated (or at least it should not), but personal hygiene is an important component on the path towards style.

Your Scent: This is generally under appreciated and underrated, in terms of creating the unique you. Many men do not even wear cologne, but this is a useful tool for making the ladies swoon. In time, those close to you will begin to automatically associate your signature scent with the new, powerful you. Essentially, mastering your scent represents a secret weapon for redefining everything you stand for. That's not stating that cologne is an extremely sexy aphrodisiac for most women. Appropriately, they will not be able to resist-really, they will not know what has hit them.

Attitude: This is probably the most crucial part of developing your personal style. You can not run around acting silly all the time. That kind of behavior would completely undermine the strides you've taken in other areas such as clothing. You need to always maintain a refined attitude, making sure never to show anger or fear in public. You'll be surprised by how quickly people begin to take you seriously if you do the same. No one will appreciate the "new you" if you do not have that high opinion of yourself.

Combine all of these standards, and you'll have the recipe for success. Transformation probably will not take place overnight, but if you maintain a constant vigil, you'll look into the mirror someday soon and find yourself shocked at the sight of the new, better you.

Source by Julia Sophina