Anita Hollander’s Journey From Cleveland Child Actor to LAMDA

Anita Hollander: I always wanted to be an actor – ever since I was four, and I started with a professional job at eight.

And it was funny because I was very realistic at the age of four. What I really wanted to do was to make my living at something I loved to do and that I could do well – right down to the brass tacks of living in New York, having an apartment and going to [work at] a studio or theatre. It was all in my mind from a very young age.

Susan Dansby: I think that it’s actually typical that people are drawn to certain professions, certain creative outlets from the time that they’re children and we just kind of drown it out of ourselves.

Anita Hollander: Yeah, it’s lucky when your parents support that in you even if nobody else recognizes it. I hope I’m that kind of parent to my daughter.

Susan Dansby: What kind of training did you do to become an actor?

Anita Hollander: My mom was wonderful to take me to dance classes, and youth theatre training, and the Cleveland Play House. Curtain Pullers (Cleveland Play House theater program) was a training ground for many great actors who ended up doing great things. So, I started young with that – dance classes, acting classes.

When I was eight, doing The Sound of Music, there were 250 children, and I got the understudy job for Gretel. And she was kind enough to get German measles and allowed me to go on for a couple of nights and she even said to me, “I’m so glad I got sick.” Because it didn’t hurt her at all to get German measles because she knew I had a chance to go on. She was very generous.

When I wasn’t doing professional theater, I would do community theatre. I would do whatever a kind of theatre I could get.

Transitioning from Child Actor to Young Adult

Anita Hollander: While I was in high school, I took a summer graduate workshop in theatre at Case Western Reserve – which was a real experience for a 15-year-old being with graduate students in theatre – a real eye opener for me.

But then, I went on to Carnegie Mellon University and got my Bachelor of Fine Arts there in acting and then, went to LAMDA, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Studied for one year in the overseas program there, and they asked me to tour with an original production about Elizabeth I with some of their graduate students who were Brits. So I ended up staying on a year, touring with them, which led to a job in Copenhagen, which led to all kinds of jobs.

Susan Dansby: In terms of getting acting jobs, it sounds as though a lot of your work has come out of the professional organizations that you were part of like the schools and different acting companies.

Anita Hollander: In my younger years, yeah, it did. But I did audition for everything. I had learned at a young age how to audition, so it wasn’t just that the training led to it.

However, I was lucky that in many cases my training helped me to get work. In fact, when I was in London just finishing up the British tour which we did in Holland and Belgium and Wales, came back to London and I got a phone call from Copenhagen, The Mermaid Theatre. This guy had seen my resume somewhere and knew that I had studied with Paul Draper, dancing, at Carnegie Mellon and on that alone he hired me for an acting job at his theatre in Copenhagen, on the spot. So, there was an occurrence where my training led me to a job.

Source by Susan Dansby

How to Convert Old Home Cine Film Movies to Digital Formats

This is a question I've got quite a lot, because people seem to think that it'd be quite hard to do, but it's not. It's also a lot better to do this yourself than pay someone else and risk losing your priceless home movies in the mail.

The first assumption I'm going to make, however is that you have a projector with which to play your movie reel on. Because, without that you will not be able to even view them. You're also going to need a video camera to record the projected image on. This can be any modern video camera, tape if that's all you've got but digital would save yourself a step later on.

To begin, start by setting up the projector, aligning it and making sure it works. Then you need to get the camera ready. To do this, start a sample movie playing on the projector and position, align and zoom the camera as required to get the best shot you can of the projected image. This is where tripod would be useful, but if you do not own one, moving tables and piling books should work fine. I'd then advise that you make a test recording, to make sure that the lighting and focus are right, then you can make your final recording.

Once you've finished recording all your films to your camera you'll want to get them onto your computer. If you've recorded them with a digital video camera then you're done and can just drop the video files onto your computer like any other home recording. If you used a video camera … you've got one more step left.

This will, unfortunately cost you a little bit of money. You'll need to buy a 'USB AV in' stick … just eBay it.The software included with this device will allow you to capture your cine video from your camera to the computer.

Source by Chris Pomfret

7 Top Reasons for Buying a PS3 Slim 120GB Console

The PS3 120GB model was first released in September 2009 at a price that is relatively cheap when compared to the original PlayStation 3 version. Here are my 7 top reasons why you should consider buying a PS3 120GB console.

1. Small Size and Less Noisy The PS3 120GB console is 32% smaller and 36% lighter hence the name “Slim”. The console has a nice matt finish and is less noisy than the Xbox 360.

2. HD Support and High graphics Quality When connected to a HD output the console delivers great graphics quality both for gaming and film on TV. The console also supports a variety of HD output more than any other console. To connect the PlayStation 3 120GB slim console to your HD TV however you will need to buy a HDMI cable.

3. Great Game Title Selection There are “Hundred of titles to select from” whether you are looking for a multi-platform games title or a PS3 exclusive games title. Here are some of the great games titles that have been released Killzone 2, Fallout 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Street Fighter, little big planet, Uncharted 2.

4. Blu-Ray Technology The PS3 120GB console come with a Blu-ray disc drive that allows you to play Blu-ray movies. The console also upscale DVD’s to HD quality bringing a breath of new life to your old DVD’s (better than some up-scaling DVD players).

5. Free Online Service Joining the PSN network is free unlike the Xbox where you need to pay a yearly subscription. The PSN network allows you to download movies in HD, games, music, videos and even try out demo games before you buy it.

6. Great Multimedia Tool The PlayStation 3 120GB slim console is a great multimedia entertainment tool. Below are a list of things you can do with the console:

  • Watch blue ray movies, DVD e.t.c
  • Play games
  • Import photographs, movies
  • Store music
  • Watch the BBC iPlayer on your TV
  • Play games online with others
  • Stream videos from your laptop
  • Create personal movies with Eyetoy.
  • Browse the internet (got an in-built Wi-Fi )
  • Playback files with the extensions mpeg/wmv via USB

7. No more Batteries Unlike the Wii and Xbox 360 controller, the PS3 120GB console controller is charged via a USB this cuts off the cost of regularly changing the batteries which can be very expensive. Considering the smaller design size, an in-built Blu-ray drive, the great multimedia capabilities among others, the PS3 120GB Slim delivers a package that is worth the money. Compare PS3 120GB store prices here.

Source by Stevo King

Do You Have Tickets To Your Dream Theater?

I'd like you to do an exercise with me.

I want you to use your imagination to construct a dream theater.

Begin by visiting your living room in your mind's eye.

Now this is not the living room you now believe in and have created in actuality, but this is your living room in the future.

Notice how everything is different. Make it bigger, brighter, and closer. Feel the vivid emotions of this dream living room.

Expand this vision a little more. Deepen this vision quest.

See the other rooms. See the house. See the neighborhood. Fly higher on the wings of desire and see a wonderful new world.

Now populate your house with the people you would like to share your time and space.

What kind of work are you doing? What kind of impact on the world are you now having? In what ways is your life deeper, richer, and more fulfilling?

Do this exercise right now and then come back to this article.

Do you find yourself believing the story you just told yourself?

Was your dream real for a moment? Or did it seem more like just another pipe dream? If your desire was intense enough, it will have aroused within you a sense of certainty, a taste of possibility.

Once upon a time, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite and discovered electricity. Today every home in the developed world is lit by electric light. In fact, we take electricity for granted.

Once upon a time, the Wright brothers flew the first airplane and discovered aerial transportation. Today every major city in the world is connected by airports. In fact, we take travel by air for granted.

Simply your dream is calling to you to awaken it and to bring it forth into form and function. Your ambition is trying to arouse you from your conditioned numbers.

Your dream exists because it is your way to be completely yourself. It also exists because it wants to change the world for the better.

What has to happen before you will act on your dream and learn all you need and do all that is necessary to bring it into reality? Dare you allow yourself to unleash your ambition?

Source by Saleem Rana

How to Review a Play – A Guide for Aspiring Theater Critics

Writing a play critique is an exciting, challenging task which requires some special skills of the reviewer.

In addition to being a spectator participant, both absorbing and enjoying the experience, you have to be able to write a brief summary of what it is about, analyze the performance, and evaluate the whole production, from staging, and acting, to directing.

While personal interpretation is always involved to a small degree, the art of being a successful reviewer is in being able to objectively analyze whether a play is a success or a dud.

This means being objective and critical, not just plain nasty, so it is important the reviewer sets a tone of writing that indicates an intelligent, well thought out review.

A key element to success is to your homework. The reviewer should read the play before attending a performance, so they are well prepared, know what to look for, and be able to analyze the production from one visit.

The review should be written immediately after the production while details are still clear in the mind.

The reviewer should also be open minded and be prepared to accept an interpretation of a performance, no matter how often they may have seen the play.

It is up to the reviewer to convey to readers what the most outstanding elements of a performance are, including things such as whether the director was trying to make a statement, what the costumes and set design were like, and were any special effects used.

When it comes to writing the review, begin with the name of the play, its playwright, and any relevant information, such as other, similar works, by the same author, followed by information about the director and production you attended.

The review should include an overall summary of whether you believe the play is a success or failure, and why, remembering this gives the reviewer considerable power over the play's future.

This responsibility should be taken seriously. This means you should keep an open mind, not trash the production altogether, and make sure your comments are kept on a professional level.

In the main section of the review, you are expected to address each specific part of the production you referred to in the introduction, doing so in the same order you referred to them initially, so your reader can easily follow your logic.

In conducting your review, you should question every physical aspect of the play you noticed, and question its significance in the overall production, but do not fuss over minor issues – it is more important to discuss whenever the play answered the major questions it raised .

Then follow with a conclusion that is not a repeat, or summary of what you have already written, but an explanation of why your comments and reaction to the production is relevant, accurate, and professional.

Source by William Wouds

Finding Things to Sell on eBay

As everyone knows, selling on eBay is great for getting rid of 'junk' you would otherwise throw out, and making money for you in the process. In the past I've sold CDs I no longer listened to, movies I no longer watched, books I no longer read, even clothes I no longer worn. However, unless you've accumulated tons of stuff over the years, you will likely run out of old and useless things to sell.

So where do you go about finding things to sell on eBay?

I wanted to continue making some extra cash on the side, and potentially making a living selling on eBay full-time so I had to keep finding things to sell on eBay. After doing some research, I discovered that the vast majority of eBay power sellers buy products at discount prices from wholesalers and re-sell them at a higher price for a profit.

But where do you go to find wholesalers? It looks like other sellers do not like to tell away where they are souring their products from, which I I can completely understand because otherwise you could be stealing business from them. It was very difficult for me to find suppliers for products I was interested in selling, and once I found a few I had no idea if they were good or not. It was even more difficult to find reviews for each supplier.

Finding things to sell on eBay from wholesalers is not an easy task.

Usually when you buy from a wholesaler, you need to buy more than just one thing. Products are usually sold in dozens or at least half a dozen. Depending on what the product is, this can add up! I knew that I would feel a lot better forking over money to a company which may be halfway around the world if someone else already had a good experience dealing with them. I've read quite a few horror stories online about how people have been ripped off by scams or illegitimate businesses.

Wholesale directories can help you with finding things to sell on eBay.

I came across some wholesale directories online and thought seriously about joining them. The two main directories I was deciding between both offered a large database of thousands of wholesale suppliers, as well as some educational material to help you get started.

In the end I decided to go with Salehoo, the top reason being I was just starting out, did not have too much spare money and the price was just right. The membership price you pay for Salehoo is a ONE-TIME, lifetime fee. That is the best part I have to say, no recurring monthly fees, ever! And you know the database is only going to grow, so the value you are getting from your membership can only increase!

Since I've joined, I have found some really good suppliers. Before I buy from any supplier, I always read the reviews posted by other Salehoo members, or simply post a message in the friendly and helpful forum to poll other people's opinions and experiences.

Source by Sheryl L

Elsa Schiaparelli, Vintage Designer History

Elsa Schiaparelli has been accredited with influencing designers such as Gaultier, Galliano, Kenzo, and Issey Miyake just to name a few. I decided to write about Elsa because, although I have often heard her name mentioned, I never really knew that much about her and I decided to do a bit of research to discover who this woman was and why she was once considered to be Coco Chanel's greatest rival.

Born in Rome in 1890, Elsa Schiaparelli did not get started in the fashion world until she was in her late 20's when she was living in Paris. A simple sweater with a bow detail knitted onto the neckline was her first design and it proved to be so popular, she followed it up with a knitwear collection that was featured in Vouge in 1927. The following year she designed a line of sport-wear that was aimed at the kind of women she had seen in America. It was a huge hit, solidifying when her divided skirt was worn by the tennis champion Lili De Alvarez at Wimbledon in 1931.

In 1933, Elsa designed her first long evening gown, again it was a massive success and the design itself was copied worldwide. This absolutely was not a good thing, as her dresses were too easily copied and it was then she decided to combine her love of art with her fashion designs to create more daring and complex designs.

She collaborated with her artist friends such as Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dali. She her brave collections wild names like Stop, Look and Listen, Music, Circus, Butterflies, Commedia del l'Arte, Astrology and Cash and Carry. She turned each show into a walking art exhibit, the press called her a genius and everyone loved her for her creativity, courage, and uniqueness.

Some of her most wild designs were a result of her collaborations with Dali, the shoe hat, the telephone bag, the skeleton dress, the lobster dress and the tear dress, which was an evening gown printed with a Dali design of rips and tears, worn with a thigh-length veil with "real" tears carefully cut out and lined in pink and magenta. The print was intended to give the illusion of torn animal flesh, the tears printed to represent fur on the reverse of the fabric and suggest that the dress was made of animal pelts turned inside out. If I did not know any better I would say Lady Gaga could indeed have been looking to her for inspiration on some of her latest ensembles.

She also had a trademark color, which was called shocking pink, and she used it in absolutely everything, lipsticks, wrappings and all her clothing lines. In 1938 she launched her own perfume called shocking. The bottle was modeled on a tailors dummy, that had actually been modeled on the measurements of Mae West and it was this design that Jean Paul Gaultier used for his own fragrance debut in 1993.

Elsa designed costumes for much of Hollywood including actresses such as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mae West, Katherine Hepburn, the duchess of Windsor was also a huge fan. Elsa was one of, if not the actual first, to use shoulder pads, colored zippers, back-less swim suits, turbans, the wedge shoe and buttons that looked like anything but a button. Aspirins were strung together as necklaces and plastic beetles, bees and crickets were used as costume jewelry.

In 1941 Elsa went to the United States to escape the war and when she returned to France in 1945 her popularity had seriously waned. Unwilling to curve her imagination for economic reasons she continued to design with all her usual flair and frivolities, but her post war designs did not suit the times and by 1954 she had retired from being a fashion designer.

Ironically this was the very same year that Coco Chanel returned to Paris after being away for 15 years. They were rumored to be great enemies and it was said that Coco would not speak Elsa's name and would only refer to her as "that Italian that made clothes" Elsa Schiaparelli passed away in 1973 but her inflences in fashion are still very obvious today, even if you did not know it until now.

Source by Jessica Inveninato

Download Movies – Legal Websites and Services

When you're thinking to download a movie, legal considerations should not only be your concern. Piracy costs the movie industries billions of dollars of lost revenues because of illegal distribution. In your end, you can help the movie industry by downloading a movie only from a reputed website. Aside from that you should also consider the website that you are downloading from.

There are sites that even offer a free download movie. Law considerations aside, you have to watch out for this kind of websites. They may have a good list of movies and you do not even have to give out any information to these websites. However, the movies that you download may have something hidden. The hidden item could have been a spyware or a virus. These two things when unleashed in your computer will monitor your internet activity and will steal the most private information from you. You will not even know what hit you.

When you go to a reputable website to download a movie, the legal considerations are already cleared out. You have so many sites that are legal but which one should you choose? First is to take a look at their after sales support. Most of the download movie legal sites can just be contacted via e-mail. That will be convenient but it does not put any sense of urgency for the download sites. As much as possible; stay away from this type of company. They may not rip you off your money in the start, but they will not help you if something goes wrong to your download. Good companies can still get away with it since they will have the choice when to answer your concern. Sign up for a download movie legal site that has a toll free number and available 24/7. Sometimes, these customer service agents may not help you in all your concerns but the good thing about downloading movie legal sites with customer service is that they can tell you what you have done wrong and what you should do.

Last but not the least is the format. You may be paying something really expensive for something really small. There are websites that sells movies for a too expensive one time fee. These sites are usually not updated with the type of materials they offer. Their old movies might not be sufficient compatible to your television when you burn them. It's like having a file in your DVD and it can only be used in another computer. On the other hand, there are websites that you can pay US $ 2.50 per month, or US $ 35 for life with good service, quality movies and many format options to burn your DVD.

When you're signing up to a website, make sure that the format will fit to your preference, and the resolution is correct so that you can watch them clearly.

Source by Jo Kino Liu

Reduction Fired Stoneware Pottery – Ten Top Tips For Caring, Cooking and Storing

Wow, from the oven, to the table, then to the dishwasher, what could be better!

Stoneware has a long history of durability, functionality and is by far, the best choice for baking of all kinds. Its high temperature firing (over 2,000 F) results in a clay body that is stone like. The reduction firing, (which is a method of controlling the amount of oxygen in the finishing stage of firing), creates a unique glass like finish to the pottery.

With a few simple tips, a non-stick surface will develop easily in the bake ware and make clean up a snap. As well, stoneware distributes the heat evenly while cooking, and retains the heat for a long time thereafter; perfect for those oven to table recipes. Cooks from all over the world, and through history, have relied on stoneware for many of their special baked dishes.

The new trend towards environment friendly products has reintroduced stoneware in the kitchen. What better way to cook and serve your favorite dish than in a well-made, durable piece of reduction-fired stoneware. Here are some simple, practical tips to ensure a long life of your pottery.

Before baking with casseroles, soufflé, loaf, cake, and lasagna pans, rinse with water and dry thoroughly. Rub with light oil on inside surface for the first few times of use. This will help cure the piece as it is cooking.

I. Never place frozen food in stoneware into a hot oven or a hot microwave. Allow the food to thaw a head of time or defrost in microwave first before cooking. This will prevent thermal shock and cracking.

II. Never place a hot stoneware piece in cold water or in the refrigerator. Allow the piece and its content to cool to room temperature.

III. Never place stoneware on direct heat, such as stove tops elements or direct flames, stoneware is intended for the oven use only. It can however be used in the microwave if stated by maker.

IV. Never soak your stoneware in water before baking. It is unnecessary, the clay body in non-porous and completely vitrified, even the unglazed parts.

V. If you must cook food that is still cool (or slightly frozen), place the cookware in a cool oven. Then turn your oven on and allow the stoneware to warm up slowly as the oven does. Then cook as required.

VI. Always warm your teapots up with hot tap water before filling with boiling water. In addition, a great tip for that favorite coffee mug. This will help keep you Java stay warm longer.

VII. Pitcher, goblets and beer steins, can go from room temperature to the freezer, to keep beverages cold longer.

VIII. To clean, scrape away foodstuff using a non-abrasive scrubber, than place it in the dishwasher. Preferably, use milder environment friendly soap, which is less toxic and will lengthen the life of your pieces.

IX. For safe storage, place in a suitable cupboard. Take special care in stacking any flatware especially large platters. Limit the amount of weight you place on them, it is better to display them by using a plate stand or wall hanger. After all your pieces are functional but can be decorative also.

X. Last and most important, when purchasing stoneware, ensure that they are lead and cadmium free; the producer of the pottery should provide this information.

Source by Liliane Oorschot

10 Keys to Creating a Profitable Online Business

Starting an online business is not always as easy as it may sound. But, running an online business has many benefits over its offline counterpart. First, and the most appealing, is you’ll most likely be working from home from your own computer, and working the hours that suit you. And secondly, you have the potential to make a lot more money than you would if you were working for someone else.

Before embarking on an online entrepreneurial quest for the perfect home-based business, it’s advisable to look at the array of online business opportunities available, and decide which would be the most suitable for you. While it’s quite conceivable, that the most profitable and legitimate type of online businesses can be operated successfully by one person, most involve a collaboration of skills and input.

For the individual, making money online is a very real prospect, but there are some important factors that should be considered before taking that first vital step.

1. Should you sell a service?

Unless you have a well-developed skill such as, web design, graphics design, writing or some other creative or artistic flair, you’ll have to concentrate on finding or creating a product.

In selling your services, you must first determine whether a paying market actually exists for your services. Initially, you’ll need to do some research and look at similar services being offered. A good indicator is usually when there are numerous similar services available. This would suggest a buoyant market, but it’s not always the case. A friendly yet inquisitive email sent to a few established service providers in the business you’re considering, should give you an insight.

Take a good look at the existing competition. Look at the quality of their work. Could you do it better? What prices are they charging? Could you do it cheaper? If you can effectively do either of these you’re on your way to building online wealth.

2. Should you sell a product?

More people than ever buy products online, but the main thing to consider is whether you want to sell a tangible product or a virtual product.

As with selling a service, you must first determine whether a market exists for your product. Look at similar products then decide whether there’s room for another player. All products will have to be sold through a website, from which an order can be taken and a payment can be processed. If you have the knowledge and necessary skills, you can easily build the website yourself. Otherwise you will have to pay a professional.

A tangible product is something that can be held in the hand, therefore it will also need to be packed and shipped. Processing orders is very time consuming, but more importantly you may have to keep inventory, which can be very expensive plus you’ll need to find storage space.

An alternative is to sell virtual products. These include downloadable e-books, videos and information products. You’ll still need a website with ordering and credit card processing facilities, but you will not need to keep any inventory and it won’t take up any space (except on your computer’s hard drive) Many successful Internet marketers use this method to maximum effect.

3. Selling someone else’s product

Some of the best online business opportunities are very simple to set up and run. The first of these is affiliate marketing. You simply find some existing products that are being successfully sold on the Internet, and sign up for their affiliate program. Basically, this is straight-forward process. You complete an online application form and you’re given a reference number, which you can embed into your marketing links. The host company will also track your sales and pay you commissions. All you have to do is sell their products.

Some people go overboard on affiliate programs, trying to sell anything and everything they can sign up for. It’s advisable to concentrate on a few related items such as e-books on a similar subject. When that enterprise begins to make money online, start all over again with a set of different products. With careful consideration and clever marketing, affiliate programs can be the perfect way of making money online. A good place to start is

4. Buying a business or franchise

If you’d prefer to buy a readymade business, there are many to choose from. Some established and profitable Internet businesses will gladly sell you a franchise. This will most likely be a clone of their existing business, but beware! Owning a franchise business on the Internet will prove useless unless you have territorial rights. The problem with online franchises is your limitations on what you can sell. You must sign an agreement with the franchisor, that you, the franchisee will only sell their range of products. Check out the various franchise opportunities at []

5. Online investment opportunities

Not strictly a business opportunity, but investing in real estate or stocks and shares has become big business in itself. The Internet has opened up all kinds of opportunities for investors, and it’s so easy to go online and find stock brokers willing to advise you where to put your hard-earned cash for the maximum return. The big consideration with investing is to remember that prices can fall just as quickly as they rise. For all the information you need on investments, visit

6. Finding the right market

Whatever service or product you decide to offer your online customers, you must first establish whether there’s a need for it. If there is, you’ll have to work on an effective strategy of getting your product in front of your prospect ahead of the competition.

It’s been proven time and again that small is big. The small or niche market has been responsible for many people making a nice profit from the Internet. It’s as well to remember, that a niche market on the internet could number well over a million potential customers. Just 5% of a market this size, each buying a product with a $10 profit margin, would return $500,000 in profits.

A few examples of niche markets might be: Holidays for singles over 40, sports and fashion wear for children 6-24 months or easy car maintenance for lady drivers.

7. Online Auctions

The phenomenal success of online auctions, eBay in particular, is unprecedented. Not only are the online auction companies making large profits, they give everyone an opportunity to sell something to anyone anywhere in the world. From fashion accessories to collectibles and sports equipment to memorabilia, there appears to be a market, although limited, for everything.

The key to success here is to buy wholesale and sell volume. When you’ve got to the point of making good money from online auctions, simply write a book and tell everyone else how you did it. To get started in online auctions, go to eBay, click on wholesale, buy some stock and resell individually back on eBay.

8. Paid Surveys

Some people might not consider clicking boxes alongside questions a valid business opportunity. But if you consider it work, and the survey companies are willing to pay you, then it must be a form of business to be considered. It’s something almost anyone can do, doesn’t require any specialist knowledge or skill and can be done from anywhere.

The downside is, it’s tedious and won’t make you a fortune. However, it’s the ideal part-time opportunity for people with a few hours to spare or to run alongside a new venture during the ‘quiet’ periods. To sign up for online surveys visit:

9. Enthusiasm, Commitment and Self-Discipline

Looking at the various online business opportunities and how you should evaluate them is only part of the equation for online wealth building. Working for yourself in your home-based business will require real enthusiasm, commitment and copious amounts of self-discipline. Whichever route or opportunity you consider, all will require a degree of ‘do-ability’.

Be prepared to spend more time at your computer, especially in the early months, building your business and getting your products in front of likely prospects. If you do it right, an online business can pay you big monetary rewards.

10. Accounting the costs

If you plan to set up and run an online business as your main source of income, beware! The tax man cometh! An online business is no different to a bricks and mortar business, in the eyes of the IRS. If you establish an online business and you’re making a full-time income, don’t forget to inform the authorities. You must have a business name, although this could be your own name, preferably a business bank account and you’ll need to inform the IRS.

You’ll need to keep records of all your business transactions for accounting purposes and you’ll need to set aside a percentage of your profits to cover taxes. Microsoft’s Excel program is perfect for keeping records of this nature, but don’t forget to keep a back-up of your files, just in case. The message here is to play it straight and keep it legal.

Of all the things you should consider, when planning to start an online business, the most important is undoubtedly marketing. Marketing strategies can make or break a business.

Source by Jan Peterson