How To Eradicate Negative Experiences From Your Past Right Now

A great description of inner game would be: The manifestation of confidence and self-assurance that comes with the knowledge that you ARE in control of the way you approach women and you Are the great seducer that you've always known yourself to be. How do you work on this inner knowledge so that you are aware of your ability and know this new seduction artist in you to be inherently real?

The very first step in building these barriers of confidence into strong inner game is by eradicating all previous bad experiences with women from your conscience mind. I want you to visualize the most extreme example of a tragic event that has to do with early experiences with a girl.

This may be a humiliation that occurred because you asked a girl out and she laughed at your face with people watching. Or it might be something more benign such as loving a girl who really never paid you attention during during the science class five years ago.

Whatever it is, close your eyes now and lean back in your chair while bringing this bad emotional trauma with a girl to your mind. I want you to visualize that bad experience in your mind like you are watching it play out in a huge movie theater with Dolby Digital sound.

Now put that same part of the experience in black and white. After that, start replaying the bad experience backwards. Next, make the entire screen extremely small and shrink it down until you can not see it anymore. Congratulations! You have now eradicated that negative image in your mind forever and it should never bother or impede your very first approaches with women and the ones that come later.

Even if you've had numerous traumatic experiences with women, you can use this technique to eliminate each single one of them. It may take days or even a week or two, but those traumatic experiences will leave your mind ever and permanently.


Visualize the worst-case scenario in your head right now and focus on that scene like you are in a movie theater watching it unfold in front of you in Technicolor and Dolby Digital. Then keep replaying that slap in black and white, and then make it go backwards.

After that, make the image very small and insignificant at the movie theater until it disappears altogether. You have just made the MAJOR move to eradicating approach anxiety from your life forever. You still have some inner game confidence building techniques to end approach anxiety in a more in-depth manner, but the real fear that you felt the last time you saw a hot girl that you wanted to speak to should now be gone from your life.

Source by Rob Mead

Spicing Up Your Relationship

Most of the time, the reason the spark has gone out is because things have become mundane or routine. The fastest way to rekindle that flame is to change things around and break that routine.

If you and your partner are accredited to having sex at the same time of the day or at a certain day of the week, chances are that you have started to think of sex as a chore or something to schedule. Simply having sex at a different time of the day can spice things up. Changing your position can also raise your couple temperature. Purchase a book with illustrations of new ways to connect. Look at the book together and once the giggles have subsided get creative.

While you are having your spontaneous sex consider using a mirror as a prop. Position a large mirror so that you both can watch. Humans respond to what they can see and watching each other in a mirror can really heat some things up. If your shyness or vanity makes you one of the types that can not do it with the lights on, try positioning some photographed candles around the mirror. The soft glow will only add to the ambiance and heighten the passion.

Other things to try involve creativity and fun. Start your evening with an innocent board game, but change the rules. For each point earned in the game a kiss is replaced or an article of clothing is removed. Soon the game will be long forgotten and you will be finding new ways to score. Writing each other other love notes is another way to heat things up. Place the notes inside a suit pocket or briefcase. Maybe you can allude to what you will do when you see each other again. The anticipation of a romantic night alone is an amazing aphrodisiac.

Plan a romantic date for your special loved one. Remember how hot things were when you first met and try to recapture some of that energy. Sex experts also highly praise spending a night in a hotel. The change of scenery without the distractions of our daily life can relax us. If booking a hotel is out of the question try taking sex out of the bedroom. There is no reason why an exciting time can not be had in the rest of your house.

Source by Ron Zvagelsky

Great Ideas For Sports Fans Everywhere

There are many things that people want to do during their lifetimes. This may include traveling to some far-flung place, or it may be seeing or witnessing some astounding event which does not come round very often. It is a good idea to write a bucket list of all things that one would want to do so that each can be crossed off when the activity has occurred. There are many bucket list ideas, of course, but those who are sports fanatics have it easier than those who want to do many, many things. All they have to do is look at the fixtures at the beginning of any particular season and note which games they would like to get to.

It may well be that someone has a favorite team. The enthusiast can aim to visit every away match that this team plays in the current season. Not only will they have the joy of watching the team off home ground, they will see some of the country too. Some stadiums around the country deserve a visit from any sports fan and these include Los Angeles and New York for sure.

While in New York, the enthusiast could attend a Red Sox game too at Fenway Park. The atmosphere here has to be felt to be believed since avid Socks fans are a little off the wall to say the least.

Of course, it is not necessary to even stay in the country to follow this kind of pursuit. England is probably the best home of football in the entire world. Imagine aiming to see a team like Manchester United playing at their home ground? Think of the stories to be told about this kind of adventure? This could also be linked to watching the opening of the Olympics in 2012 as they are being held in London. A chance like this does not come around too often for sure and this is the whole idea of ​​writing these events down.

In fact, just about any sports event can be added to the register and if they seem a little unattainable, then this gives the enthusiast something to aim for. Indeed, without this goal, none of us would move off the couch so the more outlandish the venue or sport, the better for everyone.

There are websites around which gather fans like this all together in one place. They give them points for every match that they have visited in person, points for going overseas, and points for just about anything that they can stick in their virtual passport online.

In fact, this is like a blog or social club where like-minded people get together and immerse themselves in everything sport. Of course, those of us who are not sports mad will think that this is going over the top, but then, we have our own favorite sites that our partners may not be interested in either! At least we will all know where the fans are on those dark and rainy nights!

Source by Stewart Wrighter

4 Reasons Why Revo Sunglasses Are So Special

Revo sunglasses have not been around that long but they sure have made quite an impact since their arrival in 1985. It is to our benefit that the good folks at Revo decided that the technology used in NASA satellites and space shuttles could also be used for sunglasses. The result of this technological spillover is some of the best looking and technologically advanced eyewear on the planet.

If you have seen Revo sunglasses, then you can attest to the fact that these glasses are fantastic looking. I love that their designs are not too aggressive but neither are they too conservative. The designers of Revo sunglasses have found a middle ground which blends sophistication with downright coolness.

Apart from their designs, Revo sunglasses are famous for being very comfortable. This can be attributed to the design of their frames. Revo sunglasses come with a patented Motion-fit system that is both comfortable and steady. These frames fit the glasses precisely to the faces of users to three points of contacts while avoiding unwanted pressure points.

Revo sunglasses Motion-fit frame provide a wider range of fit because it features both straight and curved stems.

The people at Revo also discovered that comfort does not only depend on fit. It also depends on how the lenses are placed so that users have the best possible view at all times. For that sole purpose, Revo sunglasses with Motion-fit frames are designed to position lenses in such a strategic position that it virtually guarantees the widest and clearest field of vision possible.

Revo sunglasses are renowned for having some of the best polarized lenses in the world. Their High Contrast Polarization lenses offer crystal clear vision in harsh surface conditions like snow and open water, and block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC light.

Revo’s Serilium lenses are made from the purest of polycarbonate material and filled with patented technologies that make for a super clear, very lightweight and incredibly strong lens.

These lenses are infusion molded into a single layer lens, unlike most lenses out there which have many layers which compromise clarity and optical accuracy. Infusion molding has another benefit. Since polarization is infusion molded into the lens, it can never be worn or scratched off like conventional polarized layers.

Environmentally Friendly Materials
The frames of Revo sunglasses use a material known as Eco-Use. Eco-Use is a nylon frame material made from the seed of the castor bean plant as opposed to using nylons derived from petroleum-based nylons. The result is a material that is light and flexible and also environmentally friendly.

Revo also uses a material known as the Revo Re-Use for its frames. As you might have guessed, this material uses recycled material, 100% top-grade recycled pre-consumer TR-90 polymer resins, to be exact. This material is on par, quality wise, with un-recycled material.

Source by Amelia Warmheart

Stress Management – How to Live on a Shoestring Budget and Still Enjoy Life

If you are living on a shoestring budget then you can agree with me when I say that it can be very stressful trying to make ends meet and have money left over to do some of things that you enjoy. I have identified three things that you can do to stretch your dollar and relieve your financial stress. The three things are 1) Do your own self-maintenance 2) Get a low cost cell phone plan and 3) Discount shopping

#1 Self-maintenance

Make a list of your living expenses and examine which bills are reoccurring bills. I noticed that I was spending a pretty penny on going to the hair salon and the nail shop twice a month. The way that I corrected this issue was by discontinuing my visits to the hair salon; I now wear a low maintenance hair style (a natural). I am saving 100.00 dollars a month just by washing and maintaining my own hair!

The other area that I eliminated was getting my nails done twice a month. I purchased a pedicure set and I now do my own pedicures. I saved 40.00 dollars a month by discontinuing this service. I have not sworn out going to the nail shop or the hair salon completely; I go as a special treat and when my budget permits.

#2 Low Cost Cell Phone Plan

My cell phone plan for unlimited talk minutes was very excessive. I was paying 120.00 a month for this service. Whenever I wanted to change my plan to something more affordable I was faced with having to extend my contract. I am now with a local carrier and I am not bounded to a contract. I get unlimited talk time, text, long distance and web surfing for only 50.00 dollars a month. I saved 70.00 dollars a month!

#3 Discount Shopping

You can save a bunch of money by shopping at the thrift store. There a lot of shabby thrift stores out there but if do your research you can also find some pretty good ones. The thrift stores have clothes that are in great condition for a very affordable price. I still like to shop at the mall and discount stores but when I do , I buy clothes that are on clearance. You can save a whole bunch of money if you buy clothes when they are on clearance.

When you are living on a shoestring budget you have to cut out wasteful spending. I go over my bank statement each month just to see what areas I can adjust in order to save money. Living on a fixed income can be stressful but if you learn to budget and have the discipline and commitment to stick to your budget you will see the rewards and savings in the long run.

Source by Antionette R Tate

Breaking Down Your Departments for Your Dollar Store

An extremely important, yet frequently overlooked task when opening a dollar store is identifying the departments to be tracked at the cash register. Sure Point-Of-Sale systems enable the retailer to track to the item level. Yet for most small to medium sized businesses, the costs are prohibitive. Many smaller retailers find Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems to also be expensive to maintain.

If you are opening a dollar store and can not afford the costs of a POS system, then be sure that you do track your sale to the department level. In fact, in many cases you will want to go to the sub-category level when sales volume warrants.

Use the department level sales data to help you understand exactly what your customers are purchasing. In fact, after opening a dollar store the department sales data can be helpful in understanding not only sales levels, but also sales performance relative to other departments.

Another value to tracking and using department sales data is in identifying shopper trends and changes in those trends. That data can be invaluable to purchasing efforts after opening a dollar store. As trends changes currently stocked items may be purchased in smaller quantities or not at all. New items in stronger sales departments can then be added to continue sales growth.

Are you opening a dollar store? If so, be sure that you collect sales data at least to the department level. Be sure that you are using that data to analyze sales levels and sales trends for your store.

To Your Dollar Store Success!

Source by Bob Hamilton

What are Sleep Studies and Do You Need One?

Sleep studies are one of the more powerful tools available to doctors to help diagnose sleep disorders and other factors affecting our rest. For the millions of people who suffer from a lack of sleep it might be wise to ask for one. Here's a look at what they are and when you might need one.

Medical professionals who conduct sleep research have used studies for years to both diagnose problems with sleep as well as gather data on sleep in general. These studies have helped doctors map out sleep and have helped to increase our understanding of what exactly goes on in the body and brain during sleep. They have proved to be a valuable tool in building not only our knowledge of sleep, but how we treat sleep disorders.

Sleep studies are usually conducted at a hospital that has the appropriate facilities. This usually consist of a cluster of hotel style rooms with a bed, TV and bathroom. The ward is manned by Sleep Technicians who conducts the tests and monitor the patients. Typically, people undergoing sleep studies by a doctor's referral after their primary physician has worked with them to determine that their sleep issues might warrant one.

The recommendation is that patients attempt to stick with their normal sleep pattern and do not make any significant changes to the routine prior to the test. They want to be able to measure you in your normal cycle of sleep. Also, it is usually recommended to cut out caffeine for a couple days before the test. The test is done overnight so you usually check in at night and will need an overnight bag and night clothes as if you were staying in a hotel. The night clothes need to be comfortable, but also allow for the Technician to apply the various electrodes and other monitoring connections to your body.

Research on sleep done through these studies involves monitoring brain activity, body movement, breathing rate and depth as well as oxygen levels in the blood. If you are attending a study you will probably be monitored for all these as well as be videotaped so doctors can review as much information as possible. From these tests doctors can often determine if you are suffering from a disorder such as sleep apnea or if you are having trouble with any of the stages of sleep that normally occurs during the night.

If you are having trouble sleeping or getting restful sleep for more than a few nights in a row then you might want to discuss with your doctor whether or not you need a sleep study. Usually they will attempt to look at habits and diet to determine if something needs to change there first. If that does not work then they may consider the study.

Another way to get a snap shot of your sleep and see if there is anything to be concerned about is to find out if your local hospitals are conducting sleep research and need volunteers. This will not only get you into a sleep study for your information but will help researchers gather more data on sleep in general. You would be contributing to research that might help others in the long run. Either way, you should talk about it with your doctor so they are in the loop regarding any issues you are having with your rest. Just know that if you are having trouble there are ways of finding out why.

Source by J Wall

Affordable Ways to Save Electricity and Pocket the Extra Money

We all want to save money where we can; Luckily, you do not have to look much farther than your own home. There are numerous simple ways to save money on electricity in Pennsylvania. Let's examine some of the easier and cheaper ways to reduce your electricity bill.

Go with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Even though it's a small improvement for your Pennsylvania home, using CFL light bulbs will cut your utility bill by roughly 30 dollars annually. CFL bulbs consume one-third of the power than traditional bulbs. CFLs also last ten times longer than other bulbs.

By saving energy, the Pennsylvania homeowner will pay less for electricity and do their part to help the environment. It's true that CFL bulbs cost more than regular light bulbs, but since they last longer and use less electricity, it's worth the additional cost.

Unplug Unused Equipment

Perhaps you're familiar with the news that unplugging idle appliances or machines will save money on electricity. Well, it's true! Anything plugged into an electrical outlet drains power, even if it's off. You will not see a huge drop in your utility bill, but unplugging unused appliances could save you a few bucks each month.

Hotter is not Always Better

Does your Pennsylvania home have an electric hot water heater? Hot water use can account for up to one-fourth of your monthly electric bill. Fortunately, there are four simple changes you can make that will lower your electricity bill . Do not fret – these changes do not include taking a cold shower!

O Washing your clothes in hot water wastes a lot of electricity and, ultimately, money. When washing clothes, use cold water whenever possible and you'll notice that next month's utility bill is a little bit less.
O Wash dishes and clothes efficiently. Do not run half loads in your washer or dishwasher.
O Touch your hot water heater tank. If it is warm to the touch, your tank needs to be insulated. For less than twenty bucks, you can purchase a jacket to wrap around your water heater tank. The jacket insulates the tank and can result in a savings of up to seven percent on your monthly bill.
O Buy energy-efficient shower heads and faucets to save money on electricity and decrease your overall hot water usage.

Chill Out, Man

Heating and cooling make up about half of the total electricity used in the typical Pennsylvania household. To save money on electricity, only use your air conditioner when you need it. If you're going out of town or even just going to work, turn off the AC. You can also set your thermostat to turn on or off at certain hours. Another inexpensive way to cool off is to turn on a ceiling fan. Fans help a room feel several degrees cooler. Just remember to turn off the fan when you leave the room!

Source by Christina Cleri

Chemistry – How to Determine the Number of Bonds in an Element

In order to determine the number of bonds that an element will form, you must determine its charge. Once you know the charge, you know the bonds because for the most part the number of bonds is equal to the absolute value of the charge. So, lets learn how to determine the charge or oxidation number of an atom.

First, you will need to gather a few tools to help you with your task. You will need a periodic table, the octet rule and a couple of physics concepts. You can get a periodic table from your book, your teacher or online and the octet rule is below.

The Octet Rule:

An element will tend to gain or lose electrons in order to obtain a Noble Gas valence.

Physics Concepts:

Nature tends to move toward a state of lower energy, which basically means nature takes the easy way. Also, you need to remember that opposites attract an likes repel. These two concepts will help you decide whether an element will gain or lose electrons to obtain the Noble gas valence.

Alright, ready to put these tools to work? Good! Lets determine the charge for lithium.

  • Find lithium on the periodic table and determine the valence electrons.
  • Lithium has 1 valence electron.

Now remember the octet rule and ask, “Is it easier to lose 1 electron and go back to helium or is it easier to gain 7 electrons and move toward neon?”

I hope you answered that it is easier to lose one and go back. So, lithium will tend lose one electron and become a (1+) cation.

Remember, if you lose electrons you become more positive and if you gain electrons you become more negative because electrons are negative.

If the charge of lithium is (1+) then it will have one bond. It really is just that easy.

Should we try another? How about chlorine?

  • Find chlorine on the periodic table and determine the valence electrons.
  • Chlorine has 7 valence electrons.

Now ask, “Is it easier to gain 1 electron and go toward argon or is it easier to lose 7 electrons and move back to neon?”

That’s right it is easier to gain one and move toward argon. So, chlorine will have a (1-) charge and form one bond.

Source by Darrell Causey