Callaway Golf Magazine – For All Your Golfing Tips

The name of Callaway golf is widely known across the world. They make some of the best golf equipment that money can buy. They even have their own magazine called Callaway Golf Magazine and it has been running for almost 4 years. When it was launched, it received some very high acclamations including a bronze award for the best new publication.

Another great feature of the Callaway Golf magazine is that it is completely free and distributed to major retailers to give away to avid golf fans. More than 3 million copies are given away each year and it is still very well received to this day. The magazine itself includes rare interviews with some of the best players in the game, such as Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Annika Sorenstam. The players share their golf tips and personal experiences of how they have become the great golfers that they are.

Annika was the first golfer ever to appear in the Callaway Golf Magazine 4 years ago. She shared valuable tips that helped her become one of the best women in the game. She shared that one thing she concentrates on the most is to stay focussed on good balance and to be comfortable when driving the ball. Maintaining a good solid movement all the way through the arms to the feet and pivoting is crucial to hitting the ball straight.

So if you like to play golf and want to pick up some valuable tips from the professionals, then why not try and pick up a copy of the Callaway Golf Magazine. You'll find it at all good golf outlets and maybe even your local golf course may give out copies. The more you can do to improve your game, the better golfer you will become!

Source by Tony Newton

Hair Extensions, The Secret To Beautiful Hair Extensions

Hair extensions, just think, spend several hours in the beauty salon and you can have long hair that looks like a dream. Hair extensions can contribute instantaneous length, volume, thickness or highlights to your hair in only a few hours.

Hair extensions began being practiced in the 1980s, but because of mediocre results and great expense, were declined until almost 5 years ago. There are actually hairpieces that can be bonded to your natural hair or scalp and they add to the thickness of your hair or the length.

Understanding a little about hair extensions could spare you time and cash, particularly with all the contrasting types and fashions accessible in today's marketplace. Just about everyone prefers natural human extensions as they're generally easier to take care of than others out there.

If you are familiar and educated to buy your extensions you'll avert a lot of the basic errors made with them. Extensions can cost anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of bucks, therefore it may be wise to expend a couple of dollars to acquire some info about them prior to laying out the big bucks. Never purchase extensions until you've discovered all the answers to your questions. Find out about all the assorted hair extensions processes before you acquire them, not after.

Hair extensions have been around since ancient times. Ascertain if hair extensions are for you by training yourself before you acquire them. Extensions are not a one-size fits all. Have you ever wondered, what are clip-in hair extensions and how are they bonded. Clip-in extensions are flawless if you would like to convert your hair into beautiful flowing locks in a flash.

A lot people turn to extensions to acquire that look they have always dreamed of. And the dandy thing is that extensions can be matched up perfectly to your own hair. Extensions are becoming an more and more common means of instantly acquiring that long beautiful hair a few of us could just daydream of. They can afford you about twenty-one inches of dense hair in but a few hours. Extensions are flawless for metamorphosing dumpy hair to long hair, adding bulk to thinning hair, developing out layers, a defective haircut and even reflecting highlights and lowlights without any chemical processing.

Extensions are the exclusive means to possess long and healthy looking hair without really growing it. Hair extensions are in reality groovy for people who are thinking of growing out their hair into a long, sumptuous mop from a uniquate, schoolboyish style hair cut. Through extensions, everyone will be able to get the length of hair that they wish wherever time they want their hair to be long and for only several days. This means that people who have extensions need not be concerned about the extensions care in the long run.

Hair extensions call for binding natural human or man-made hair direct to your natural hair employing one of numerous different processes. The extensions offer up a fresh, "looks like it great out of your head" appearance that can quickly repair hair issues such as a defective hair cut, thinning hair or just give you long hair as you want it.

Extensions can be genuine or man-made. Hair extensions are accessible in numerous dissimilar colors, textures, styles, and lengths. Most experts concur that natural human hair extensions are the most effective and most lifelike looking. Such a cross-the-board assortment of natural human hair extensions are accessible that hairstylists can easily match the coloring and texture of your own hair with.

Regular extensions must be weaved, plaited, sewn, or glued which results more than a committedness than some people are disposed to make. Attachable extensions are a transitory way to alter your appearance, either for fun and style or as a test drive for the real McCoy.With fusion extensions, the extensions should be undistinguishable from your physical hair. Hair extensions can be expanded to your own biological hair to add length, volume, and body.

At one time considered as a rich person's service, hair extensions have become much cheaper and even pragmatic for casual consumers. Hair extensions are decidedly not a one size accommodates all, and some techniques may not be appropriate for certain hair textures and circumstances. Hair extensions can add instantaneous consistency, length to your appearance and can in addition to help with hair thinning and hair loss situations. Hair extensions offer a acuminate solution to superfine hair and can add a little zing to thick, frizzly or crinkly hair in whatever color or style.

Hair attaching uses glue to adhere the extensions to your existing hair, but can as well be glued to your scalp. Hair extensions and hair bonding are two additional methods to increase the hair on your head by adding it to your existing hair. Regrettably, hair extensions can be very expensive. A safe place to start learning what hair extensions are all about is a good downloadable ebook, if you can find a good one.

Source by Regina Whitherspoon

Better Thoughts, Better Results

How do you like to think? Negative or positive? How do you analyze your life so far? Good, fair or poor on the overall? Read on to find out how you can have better results in life.

Let me start with the following statement:

“Good thoughts bear good fruits. Bad thoughts bear bad fruits. And man is his own gardener.”

Do you agree with above statement? Does it ring a bell?

How can you have better results in life for instance, your relationships, career, spirituality and work/life balance? Can you do better by thinking better?

This is what the statement in quotes really means.

So how can you think better? You need to feel good about yourself. And the easiest way to do that is to smile. Start smiling and saying Hello to everyone you meet throughout the day. You will get smiles and Helloes back. That would certainly make you feel better. And that makes you think better.

How can thinking better lead to better results? You will behave and talk better. Your body language will exude confidence. All these strengthen communications in career and relationships. You have better things to say to Almighty God and thank Him. Your spiritual connection, as a result, gets enhanced. Life gets better and you find a good balance between work and life.

How can you train yourself to think better? Because like anybody else, your inner critic will let you into negative thoughts, majority of the time.

The trick is to defeat this inner critic, go past it and focus on positivity. What is good about the current moment? Go still for a few seconds. The answer will come to you soon. It can be a good conversation with a colleague over having coffee, getting joy from playing with your child, an appetizing hearty dinner, a wonderful chat with a complete stranger and the list goes on.

So how can you actually beat your inner critic so that you can think better most of the time. Don’t believe it – say to yourself: It is wrong and I have better things to think about. Ignore it completely. That way you let in more sunshine and positivity enter your life. You are apt to say: This is it. This is the kind of life I enjoy. This is how I would always like it to be.

So thinking better leads to better outcomes. Believe it all the time and always manage to surround yourself with positive stuff: an eBook/book on self-help, motivational quotes, positive friends and colleagues and training your family to feel positive as well.

Source by Rosina S Khan

The Top 12 Ways You Can Profit from Web Video

The long awaited promise of high-quality, fast-loading web video has finally arrived. And with it, comes intense opportunity. The more I think about it, the more opportunity I see.

I'm not saying you'll get rich overnight with these ideas, but it is possible to create multiple, passive income streams using these web video business models. So, here are the top 12 ways you can start profiting from web video today …

1. Upload Your Video to Ad Revenue Sharing Sites

YouTube is the big daddy of user-submitted video web sites. With 35,000+ video submissions each day, their daily traffic places them in the top thirty most visited sites on the web.

YouTube is the leader, but they are not alone. There are dozens (if not more) copycats trying to break into the online video sharing market.

I'm still not sure what their business model is (rumor has it, they're not too sure, either). It costs them a small fortune to serve video to millions of people each day, and most venture capitalists do not enjoy seeing their money disappear into the ether.

A reasonably scenario is that sooner or later, in order to stay afloat, they will have to invite advertisers to help foot the bill. If so, they will not be the first to give the ad-supported business model a try.

That honor, goes to …

"Revver connects creators, viewers, and advertisers in a sponsorship marketplace for online video, taking full advantage of the open flow of information on the Internet, rather than trying to fight it. Revver provides all the tools you need to distribute your original work online And earn money. Revver strokes to support free and accessible videos online and still reward creators. "

Here's how Revver works …

1. You upload your video to Revver.

2. They attach a brief, unobtrusive ad at the end of the video.

3. People watch your video at, or on other sites where people have embedded your video.

4. If someone views your video and clicks on your ad at the end, Revver deposits a portion of the click-through value into your account.

5. You then track your video's performance through your Revver account (eg, how many times your video has been seen, and how much money you've earned).

6. Eventually, they send you money.

If you can consistently create and upload videos, this can be a good strategy for developing a long-term, passive income stream. Other sites that offer revenue sharing similar to Revver include Blip.TV and

2. Place Affiliate Links in Your Videos

People come to your site to watch your video. You have their attention. Then what happens when the video is over? Re-direct them to an affiliate partner who sells what you covered in your video!

For example, if your video is about:

* Powerdrills … send them to an online hardware store.

* A recently released book or DVD … send them to

* An exciting vacation location … send them to

… just be sure to do it with an affiliate link so you earn a commission if a sale results.

This is easy to do with The Web Video Player ™ (available at []). Just put your affiliate link in the End of Movie URL "field, and use one of the" Click here for More Info "buttons available in the player image gallery. Viewers who click on the closing graphic will be taken to the URL you specify.

3. Create Google Video Web Sites

Most movies available on Google Video can be embedded on any web page. If the option is available for the video, there will be a link next to it that says "Embed HTML." Click on it, and the necessary code to display the video on a web page will be shown. Add the code to any web page where you want the video to appear.

How to monetize Google Videos …

What you want to do is create a theme-based site on a certain niche or industry (eg, martial arts, quilting, etc.). First, search Google Video for using those theme keywords to make sure there are already videos online related to your chosen niche.

If so, register a domain name such as or, and create a basic web site using the name. Use blogging software such as WordPress or MovableType to simplify the process.

Create a web page for each video, including a text description of what's covered in the video. Depending upon the theme, you may be able to find hundreds of related videos. Each one would then have its own unique web page on your site.

Add Google AdSense ads and / or related affiliate links to each page. Include an opt-in box so people can join your mailing list, allowing you to notify visitors of new videos and special offers related to your theme.

If you have success with one theme-based site, find another topic, and repeat the process with additional sites.

4. Sell Your Video Content at iStockVideo is a new service from the people who bought us, a wonderful royalty free stock photo web site (learn more about royalty free stock photos). With iStockVideo, you'll get paid for uploading video (stock footage) that other people want to use in their videos …

"We want to see animations, stop motors, digitized film footage, video clips, and wacky abstract movies. We need video, from you and all your friends. Contribute a video in the first 90 days and receive 10 free credits, to use anywhere On iStock Then, tell you friends about iStockvideo, and we'll pay you as much as 50 dollars. Refer your friends and receive $ 1 for every clip that they upload, up to the first 50. "

Since this is new, it's hard to say how much money you can make. Either way, if it's anything like iStockPhoto, it's going to be a wonderful resource for web video creators.

5. Find Sponsors for Your Videos

Are your videos interesting, professional, and do they target a specific market that advertisers would like to reach? If so, there's a good chance you might be able to find sponsors who will pay you to reach that audience. (If not, these web video tutorials will help you create better videos.)

With the Web Video Player ™, you can give sponsors the opportunity to advertise during and after your video using the Logo Image and Exit Image features.

Charge sponsors by the month, per click-through, or per unique viewer. By checking your web video player stats, you and your sponsors will know exactly how many people watched the video, and when.

6. Use Web Video to Sell / Support Your Own Products

Do you have your own products / services to sell? If so, use video to help tell your story and turn prospects into customers. Using the Web Video Player ™, you can easily use video to …

* Show your products in action.

* Demonstrate the problems they (you) solve.

* Sell your products on eBay.

* Show video tours of your facilities.

* Do short video introductions of your staff (customers like to know there are real people behind the scenes).

* Use video to explain your guarantees.

* Show video testimonials of satisfied customers.

* Use video for support issues (eg, how to solve common problems).

Almost anything that can be sold online can benefit from a well-made internet video supporting the product or service.

7. Combine Web Video with Affiliate Marketing

Sure, you can use web video to help market your own products or services. While this may at first seem like a no-brainer, there are more opportunities here than you might realize.

Most people think this is limited to putting promotional videos on their own web sites, hoping this will increase sales. Sure, done correctly, it should. But let's take this a step further …

If you sell your own products and services, you need to look at using web videos to draw prospects into your site. For example, by combining the Web Video Player ™ with your own affiliate program, you'll be packing a powerful "one-two punch" when it comes to your internet marketing.

And here's how you do it …

By using the WebVideoZone's Video Affiliate System ™, you can make it simple for your affiliates to place your videos – with their affiliate links built into the player – on their sites. This system integers seamlessly with any affiliate program.

If someone who views the video then clicks on the call-to-action features of the player (eg, your custom logo) and then buys at your site, the affiliate gets credit for the sale.

For example, you can combine the Web Video Player ™ and Video Affiliate Sytem ™ to promote your site via …

* A video "tip of the week" report

* Video product reviews

* Video news reports for a specific industry

* A regular vlog

* Video tours of remote locations

As long as you have something to sell, use can profit from combining web videos with your affiliate program. In essence, the video player you'd be offering your associates would be a great, eye-catching affiliate link point back to your site!

And remember, when you update your video at The WebVideoZone, it will automatically update on your affiliates' sites in real-time. Your affiliates do not need to do anything.

8. Put Google Ads Next to Your Videos

If you create your own videos, put them online, add a good text description, and put some Google AdSense ads next to them that might be of interest to your viewers.

For best results:

* Make sure your video is on a subject that appeals to an audience which advertisers are trying to reach.

* Limit your videos to one per page, unless they're on the same topic.

* Be sure to use relevant keywords in your page title, titles and descriptions.

* Create an email opt-in list, allowing you to contact your visitors when you have news or special offers to share.

9. Create Short Promotional Videos for Local Businesses

For less than $ 2,000, you can start your own side business where you create short web videos for other local businesses. And even if you do not yet have the skills, you can learn everything you need to know right here, in a short period of time.

Who might be interested in these types of videos? The most obvious clients would be …

* Realtors – offer home tour videos of newly listed properties

* New and used car dealers – create short videos that car dealers (especially luxury car dealers) can put on their web sites, helping them to move inventory.

* Travel and leisure destinations – B & Bs, hotels, resorts, restaurants, ski resorts, tour groups, clubs, etc.

* Retailers – antique shops, galleries, stores with interesting inventory to display

What do you need to get started?

1. Digital video camcorder camera – $ 500-750 (see article on How to Choose a Camcorder)

2. Computer for editing – you'll need lots of storage space (250 + GB hard drive), and the more RAM you have, the better (at least 1GB) – $ 1,000 +

3. Editing software – Sony Vegas Movie Studio will do the job for less than $ 100

You can easily customize the Web Video Player WVZ Player to blend in with your clients' sites. For an extra fee, offer them the ability to include special offers at the end of the video – which you control.

You can keep the price to shoot the video low, and make it up by charging the client a monthly fee for hosting it and providing the player.

Do not sell the video outright – but instead, sell a license for your clients to use it on their sites. If the client stops paying, simply de-activate their video player in your WVZ account's control panel. Watch how fast you get your next check.

Print up some business cards, start knocking on doors and go shoot some video!

10. Create Video Ads for Other Businesses

Google Video Ads are the latest ad format to appear on the Google content network. This means you can now lure targeted traffic to your site by posting videos on other sites.

This means there are going to be a lot of businesses that want to have video ads for their web sites, but most are not going to want to do the video production themselves.

This advertising tool is so new, that if you start now, you can easily position yourself as the leading provider that people turn to when it's time to have Google Video ads created.

11. Syndicate Your Video Content

If your video content is specialized and unique enough, other site owners may be willing to pay you for the right to put it on their sites. You can charge a yearly or monthly fee for the license to display your content.

The Web Video Player ™ makes it easy. Simply give your syndication partners the small line of javascript generated by the WVZ Player Maker, and the video will instantly appear on their sites.

12. Earn Up to 50% Commission as a WebVideoZone Affiliate Partner

And last but not least …

As a member of the WebVideoZone, you are eligible to participate in an affiliate program and earn up to 50% commission on membership and service fees.

Commissions are paid on monthly recurring fees in addition to the new membership fee. This means you'll continue to collect on-going commission payments for all members you refer, month after month.

Making Money with Web Video – Summary

Keep in mind, you do not have to rely on just a single revenue model. Try different ones to see what works best for you. Also, it can make sense to combine different strategies.

For example …

* If you enjoy producing videos and working with clients, you can create promotional videos and Google Video ads for other businesses.

* You can activate the Web Video Player ™ affiliate link, put it on web pages with Google Ads, and use the Logo / Exit Image features to promote other affiliate programs.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please share them with us. Remember, internet video is in its infancy, so now is the time to get started. Good luck!

Source by Joe Chapuis

Eye Patching to Stop Negative Thinking

Eye patching is a very simple energy intervention to stop negative or obsessive thinking and mind chatter.1 Most negative thinking, which can have devastating results in a person’s life, is the result of habitual left-brain (L-mode) thinking that sees reality through distortions of the past. Yet influencing brain activity-temporarily shutting down L-mode and training the mind towards whole-brain thinking-is quite easily achieved.

Our thinking process arises as a synergy and integration of activity in the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Each hemisphere has a unique style of thinking and sees the world quite differently. The left hemisphere is the logical, rational, verbal, critical, time-bound thinking that processes sequentially, focuses on what it recognizes, breaks downs into smaller parts, looks at the details and differences, and attempts to simplify and conclude based on small bits of information. By contrast, the right hemisphere holds the intuitive, non-rational, non-verbal, present-moment, analogical, metaphoric, spatial, relative thinking that makes the leaps of insight, connects things, sees and encompasses the whole, synthesizes, holds the divergent and can transcend ordinary consciousness.

An interesting view is the left brain as the ego/materialistic ‘divide-and-conquer’ mind that enables us to dwell in the physical world, and the right brain as the higher/spiritual mind that keeps us connected to a higher reality operating in our lives. Both modes of thinking are equally important to effectively live fully as a human being. This view agrees with the understanding of the Yin/Yang Stepping Vessels (extraordinary meridians) as corresponding to the Ego principle in human development (these vessels are extraordinary meridians-the deeper energy pathways that correspond to the psyche-that end at the eyes). In healthy whole-brain thinking, a person is able to reconcile both the world of matter and the world of spirit.

Most people today have been subjected to education that greatly favours left-brain or L-mode thinking from very early on in life. L-mode thought processes are primarily habit-based. Ninety percent of what you thought yesterday, you will think today-and the content is largely the result of thought patterns established in childhood. These childhood thought patterns tend to focus on what’s wrong or potentially threatening, because they emerged from instinctive survival strategies that were triggered when, as children, we experienced trauma or felt threatened in any way. Thought patterns act as filters to sensory input from the external world. They cause deletion, distortion or generalization of this input with great loss of information. The result is an internal representation of reality that may not be a close match at all to what is really out there. These internal representations trigger thoughts and emotions, which create a person’s experience of reality, or their internal state of mind.

Not only does negative thinking make you feel terrible, but your internal mental and emotional state sets up an energy vibration in your body, which acts as your broadcast frequency, your call letters to the universe, and inasmuch, it determines what becomes manifested in your reality. Habitual negative thinking serves no good whatsoever. If you continue to see life as you’ve always seen it, you will continue to get from life what you’ve always been getting. Until you change your basic thought processes, life will not change for you. Therefore it is of critical importance to inhibit this destructive, habitual negative thinking.

Putting an eye patch on the right eye at any point during the negative thoughts instantly slows down left-brain activity2, making it impossible for the brain to keep the thoughts going and thus releasing the mind from its obsession. People with obsessive negative thinking-particularly those suffering from depression, chronic anxiety, compulsions/obsessions, or excessive mind chatter-benefit particularly from eye patch therapy to help stop negative habits of the mind.3

Another use of eye patching is to balance brain hemispheres and enhance whole-brain thinking. With one eye patched, one brain hemisphere lessens its activities (the one crossed to the patched eye), while the other must compensate by intensifying its activities (the one crossed to the uncovered eye). This imbalance creates a state wherein the person has two completely different concepts of the perceptual world. One concept is that being directly fed from the uncovered eye to the brain. The other concept is that being shared from the brain hemisphere with the intensified activity to the other brain hemisphere. With the covered eye opened beneath the patch, its associated brain hemisphere is still seeking outside input-this it now gets primarily from the other brain hemisphere. This latter condition strengthens the communication bridge between brain hemispheres (the corpus callosum), which eventually leads to whole brain thinking. In whole-brain thinking, the mind has quicker access to greater resources (both hemispheres). The overall effect is a reduction in perceptual distortions, the ability to see the essential from the inessential, and a higher emotional threshold.

The effects of regular patching can be very significant and far-reaching. Patching can provide the brain with a new perspective on life-it can change your mind about a situation on the spot, and over time, it can reframe your past, improve your health and relationships, enhance the resourcefulness of your thinking, increase your emotional threshold, and reprogram your subconscious mind to focus on what you want in life.

It is interesting to note that the corpus callosum was considered the site of the soul in the 18th century (Maurice Ptito).4 If we consider that our ego-sense (sense of individuality or I AM), which is unique to human beings, arises out of the union or the merging of the two pictures that are possible by our symmetry,5 the corpus callosum takes on a more critical role in our evolution. It is my sensing that a larger corpus callosum (or greater communication or merging of the two hemispheres) will enable a person to enter more deeply into the human experience, bringing greater spiritual capacities and insights to all senses and eventually merging heaven and earth within the experience of human individuality.

Important Notes:

The patched eye must remain open underneath the patch. Closing the eye sends a different signal to the brain and will not have the same effect. When selecting an eye patch, make sure the patched eye can remain comfortably open.

Do not patch the eyes during times when depth perception is important (such as driving, operating dangerous equipment, cutting with knives, walking up/down stairs, etc.).

What you may experience from patching:3

o Spacey, disoriented feeling

o Nausea, headache

o Clarity or clouding of thought – usually clouding before clarity

o Lessening of mental clutter after a period of increased mental chatter

o Lessening of overall stress after a period of increased stress

Eye Patching to enhance whole-brain thinking

Work your way to patching each eye for 20 minutes, twice daily. You can continue many daily activities while patching (including reading).6 You may also anchor the sense of L-mode or R-mode activity in order to access these more easily as needed. (See Anchoring L-Mode and R-Mode States, below.)

1. Place the eye patch over one eye (either eye will do).

2. Experience the patch for 5 to 20 minutes or until you feel uncomfortable, whichever comes first.

3. Place the patch over the other eye for 5 to 20 minutes or until you feel uncomfortable, whichever comes first.

4. Practice daily until you are comfortable wearing the patch on each eye for about 20 minutes.

5. If you feel distressed, take the patch off and take some deep breaths, making sure to relax the tongue. The distress may be the result of something that is up for deeper healing that may need to be addressed in therapy.

Eye Patching to release negativity

Patch whenever stuck in a negative emotional state or during a conflict with someone7. Do it as often as your mind tries to take over with negative thinking.

· Place the patch over the eye that is associated with the left brain (usually the right eye).

· Keep the patch on until you feel calmer and less distressed or irritated (usually from 5 to 15 minutes). Notice any difference in your perception of the situation or circumstance.

· Follow with some slow deep breaths, making sure to relax the tongue.

Some conditions that seem to improve after eye patching 3

Chronic Intrusive Thoughts
Chronic Pain

Excessive Mind Chatter

Chronic Anxieties
Chronic Depression

Chronic Frustrations
Chronic Anger, Rage
Chronic Substance Abuse

Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Grief & Sadness
Chronic Fears (phobias)
Chronic Over/Under Weight

Anchoring L-Mode and R-Mode States

Being able to stimulate left or right brain activity at will is a useful skill to acquire, especially as there will be circumstances when it’s not appropriate to patch the eyes. Any physical stimulus to the left side of your body will increase activity in the right hemisphere of the brain, and vice versa.8 Standing on your left leg, for example, stimulates R-mode activity, while standing on your right leg will stimulates L-mode. Similarly, a firm pinch to the left shoulder will encourage a larger right-brain contribution to the activity at hand, and vice versa. But the effect of ordinary body stimulus on hemispheric activity is generally subtle. One way to enhance this effect, however, is to anchor the L-mode and R-mode sensations achieved with eye patching. Anchoring is an NLP term, which refers to the setting of body triggers to elicit specific internal states.

You can easily create body anchors to elicit the desired brain mode (L-mode or R-mode) while doing the daily eye patching exercise. Choose a physical stimulus as anchor (e.g. standing on one leg or the other, pulling on one ear lobe or the other, etc.). Simply activate the chosen physical stimulus for about 30 seconds before switching the patch from one eye to the other to create and strengthen the anchor. For example, if you are patching the right eye to enhance R-mode (since L-mode is lessened), then before taking the patch off, stand on your left leg for 30 seconds (or pull at your left ear lobe for 30 seconds). Then when you want to create the sensation of right brain hemispheric activity without the eye patch, you can use your anchor of standing on your left leg. You would create an anchor to enhance L-mode similarly, by standing on your right leg for 30 seconds before taking the patch off your left eye (patching the left eye lessens R-mode activity and so enhances L-mode, and L-mode is crossed to the right side of the body).

1- Eye patching therapy was originally devised by Dr. Kaplan (Seeing Beyond 20/20; Beyond Words Publishing, 1987) as a way to improve eyesight through eye exercising. It was later discovered that the exercise had a calming effect on people and changed their perspective. Dr. Ranae Johnson, founder of the Rapid Eye Institute, recognized this benefit as due to the different modes of brain activity being activated, and adopted the technique as a ‘life skill’ for clients of Rapid Eye Therapy. Eyepatches may be purchased from the REI site at

2 Eyes are crossed to the brain hemispheres. The right eye inputs to the left hemisphere and the left eye inputs to the right hemisphere. For most people, the left brain (accessed through the right eye) is the detailed, verbal, repetitive hemisphere. But some people are switched. A simple exercise to see which brain hemisphere runs in L-mode is to patch each eye and describe a room in your home. Which eye open leaves you feeling more irritable? That is the eye that should be patched to stop the destructive mind chatter

3 Handout by Joseph Bennette | 265 37th Ave Salem, OR | (503)-375-0146. Available in pdf format from his website ( new website address not known ) (retrieved in 2005)

5 Rudolf Steiner speaks of this in many lecture series. The lower the life form, the less the symmetry, and the less the symmetry can converge. For example, reptiles have eyes that diverge; mammals do not merge their symmetry in the limbs (will faculty). It is in the convergence that the higher ego sense of the human being arises.

6 For suggested activities during eye patching, visit Joseph Bennette’s website (see reference 3) under therapies. One interesting use is to learn speed-reading. The more you involve R-mode in reading, the less bound you are to internal verbalizing while you read, which creates an artificial speed barrier.

7 If it is not appropriate to patch (eg. in public or you don’t want the other person to know what you’re doing) then you would activate the right-side body anchor to enhance R-mode (or slow down L-mode). An alternative that may be available to you if you’ve practiced daily eye patching is to patch by intention, simply by imagining that you are covering your right eye. This is possible only if you’ve been doing regular patching, however.

8 (retrieved in 2005)

Source by Anita Briggs

List of Values for Kids

A list of values helps parents focus on specific principles they would like to teach their children. Making a list of values for kids may feel overwhelming. Remember that teaching values is something that a child learns throughout his or her lifetime.

Below you will find suggestions to help you make a list of values. Take a look at the example list of values, along with the ideas on how to teach using your own list.

Making a list of Values for Kids

· Take a moment and think about someone you admire.

· As you think of this person, write down attributes you appreciate.

· Next to this list, write the values that are associated with the qualities you admire.

· Talk to friends, families, teachers, and religious leaders. Ask and note what values they try to live by.

· Think of principles or standards that are important to you. Write down those that you would like to instill in your own children.

First write down every idea that comes to you. Later you can edit the list to your top ten or fifteen values to keep it manageable.

Example List of Values for Kids

The following list of values for kids is an example of principles that you might include on your list. These values are not in any particular order.

· Honesty

· Integrity

· Kindness

· Empathy

· Thankfulness

· Curiosity

· Respect

· Imagination

· Hard work

· Perseverance

· Faith

· Friendship

Notice that imagination and curiosity are part of the list for values. Values are not only principles and standards. They are also what we consider important in our lives and would like to pass on to our children. Keep this in mind as you make your own list of values.

Teaching Values with a List

Values are taught by example in the home. Review the values on your list. As you talk with and listen to your child, moments to teach values will present themselves.

Use these moments to help your child know what you think is right in a particular situation. Assist them as they think of ways to put values into action in their everyday lives.

A lesson with the family, teaching a different value from your list each week or month, is an additional way to help your children understand and learn values.

Music can help teach values on your list. Find a song with words that illustrate one of the values on your list. Listen to it in the car or at home. As the child becomes familiar with it, you can begin teaching the words.

As you learn the words together you may ask questions like the following:

· What does this song talk about?

· What is it trying to help us understand?

· What is a situation where you could apply this value?

Keep in mind that learning and teaching values is a life long endeavor. Don’t be discouraged; just be consistent. Live the values you want to teach. Expect and help your children to live them also.

Source by Vickie S. Christensen

Flower Pick-Up Lines That Work (or Not)

Have you ever wondered why you still spend night after night with pizza and whatever it was on TV? You think that life doesn’t get better than that. True, enough. But, have you ever thought what the night could have been if you are with someone special, who cooks sumptuous dinner and watch these movies with you? And now you realize that life does get better than eating sloppy pizza and feeling sorry for yourself.

So, here are 6 cheesy pick-up lines inspired by flowers that will help you score a date. Try not to get tongue tied!

If you were a flower, I would pick you.

This is a pick-up line shows that you think she is the best from among her girl friends. It will help boost her confidence and will definitely give you the chance if this makes her smile. Be careful though! She can be secure and confident in herself and does not need reminding of her awesomeness. Save yourself by saying that you were voicing her thoughts.

If you hold 9 roses in front of a mirror, you’d see 10 of the prettiest things in the world.

She may find this sweet or call your bluff to score from her. Nevertheless, this sweet line may charm her into getting that her number. What’s the harm in trying, right?

If I have a garden I’d put our two lips (tulips) together.

Did I just hear a slap? She may find this line to be bordering on rude. A funny pick-up line should be treated as it is, a joke. You should deliver it well only meaning to make her laugh. This may be the funniest thing she heard for the day.

If a flower grows every time I think of you, I’d have a field of them.

It is creepy how much you think of her. This can both ways, she thinks it is disturbing or flattering. If she thinks the former, then you may have lost your chance. If the latter, then go for it!

Are you a eucalyptus? Because you’ve achieved my koalafications.

It is a perfect segue for inviting her to a spa weekend. You can both have fun in this elaborate pick-up line turned romantic date.

Roses are red, violets are blue, the moment I saw you, I knew the one is you.

This is as sweet as pick-up lines can get. It may sound like a bad case of poorly thought wedding vow. But, for a guy who is seeking for his significant other, the one might just be in front of you smiling from that statement.

After reading (and laughing) all through these uber sleazy pick-up lines, you will realize (I hope) that being yourself (although cliche) is the best conversation starter. Do not be afraid to compliment her or say hi or even smile. She can see sincerity even from afar.

Source by Lexxa Molijon

Understanding Web-To-Print From Customers Point of View

Even though web-to-print software is often looked upon as a need of the printer looking forward to sell his products online, it is not meant for the printers to use it themselves, firsthand. It’s their customers who are to use the web-to-print software to design their desired products. There are three parties typically involved around the web-to-print software whose perspective you need to understand to able to succeed in the web-to-print industry.

What does the customer want?

Customers don’t care about technicality behind the software as long as it works for them. Most of the bulk orders come from companies ordering their marketing merchandise, so their employees just care about the product, their business requirements, promotions, and other priorities. All in all, they want their work/order process to be easy, cost-effective, convenient, and timely.

What is your role as printer?

As a printer, you are responsible for ensuring that your customers are getting all that they are looking for. You need to create more differentiation in the market and be efficient in all terms.

What does the software provider want?

Pretty much obvious, their job is to sell as many software as they want. They are selling their product to the printer so they emphasis on all the features their software has to offer. Printers often get carried away by the lure of features and lose focus on what their customers really want.

If you also plan to plunge into web-to-print business, it’s important for you to know whether or not your customer is able to use the software as best as they should. When you are set to invest on web-to-print software for your store, you need to be in the customer’s shoes to decide what works best for them. For that, you will first need to understand web-to-print from customer’s point of view. In the rest of the blog we have tried to cover the aspects you need to look at to understand customer needs better.

What are the Customer challenges that need to be taken care of?

To find the solution to any problem, you need to figure out the glitch first. Try to understand what problems your customers are facing. Don’t guess problems and blindly launch the solution for it. Customers’ feedback can be useful in figuring out the shortcomings. Try to involve your employees and close family and friends to point out where you are lacking or what might be done to make the work easier. Make sure that every day functions are easy enough for your customers, which includes the ease of ordering and tracking order history even when it’s a personalized item.

Is the software user friendly?

Now the most important point, how easy is your software to use? Would your customers be able to design their products without going through a manual or a set of instructions? Don’t get hundreds of features into your product designing tool without checking if your customers even want or can use those features. Designing a product shouldn’t be posed as a challenge in front of them. It should be easy, fun, and interesting at the same time.

Customers are the ultimate source of your income, hence it doesn’t matter how you find the web-to-print software or how the vendor advertises it. The only thing you need to keep in mind while you invest in your web-to-print software is the requirements and capabilities of your potential customers.

Source by Pratik Shah

Furnishing Your House at Reasonable Prices

People always want to redecorate their homes. Some people even want to change the look of the home every single year. This can mean a massive expense.

People who change the look of their home every year have probably never been happy with the way that they have decorated and they have made sacrifices to get it done quickly.

If you are in the process of redecorating, the trick is to get it right the first time and never sacrifice on what you want. Once you have got the look that you have always wanted, you probably will not have the urge to decorate for a few years and you will save a lot of money.

Read on for some tips on decorating and how to get the look that you want, but spend less money in the process.


When you go to the store to buy the furniture and the wallpaper, it is important that you have a plan in your head before you arrive. Even better is to have a plan drawn out on some paper.

This does not have to be a professionally drawn out plan. It can just be a plan that you have sketched out yourself. Having a plan means that you will not panic buy and end up with something that you do not want and will not fit in with the rest of your plans.

If you panic buy then you have made a mistake before you have even started, especially if that item has been very expensive. This is because you will not have the money to buy something different and you probably will not be able to sell it to make your money back.

Also, having a plan in front of you means that sales assistants will not be able to persuade you to spend more money on different items. You can just go in the store, pick out what you want and then go home having bought everything on your list.

If you go into the store and they do not have what you are looking for, you should not settle for something else. As mentioned above, you should never settle, because you will never be happy.

You do have the option to have the item that you want, custom made. Yes, this means the item will be a bit more expensive, but that item will probably stay with you for the rest of your life.

If you have settled, then you will carry on throwing the items away and buying new ones. When compare with how much you will have spent on items that you hate, paying for a custom made item does not seem so bad.

Dining Room

Now, the dining room will probably be a place where you spend a lot of time. So, you want to make sure that you are comfortable in the room and you do not hate the furniture that you have bought.

Again, do not settle and have an idea of ​​what type of dining room table and chairs that you want. If you do not see it in the store, then order it online and have it custom made.

These types of items tend to be cheaper online anyway because stores want to encourage you to buy items from their site, so they will offer you some kind of online discount. The most important thing is to get something that you like and will keep for many years to come.

Source by J Hudson

How to Start Woodworking for Profit

Just like any business, woodworking for profit means that you will need to have a product that people actually want to buy, but fortunately, when you are making beautiful objects out of wood, there is huge demand for many different types of products. The real beauty about making money off of woodworking projects is that you can turn your hobby into cash. Even if you only have a little experience of wood crafts, you can turn out some wonderfully unique wooden items that people will want to buy. Here are just six of the things that you could make in your garage and sell.


Birdhouses are relatively easy to make, but they are always in demand and people are prepared to pay quite a high premium for a well-made one. People who like to see birds in their garden will always be on the lookout for a nice looking bird house and it’s a great way to start your woodworking in the garage for money venture.

Fruit Bowls

If you have a wood lathe in your garage, then that will greatly extend your woodworking for profit opportunities. One of the most popular items that you can make on a lathe is wooden bowls. You can make wooden fruit bowls from solid pieces of wood or you can make very nice looking segmented wooden fruit bowls. There is always a good demand for wooden fruit bowls, because they make such lovely gifts at Christmas, for birthdays, or for when people are moving home.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are another item that there will always be a demand for and that are also relatively easy to make. In fact, if you have a router, and a bit of imagination, you can easily turn out a whole range of different styles of picture frames very quickly and you’ll be woodworking for money in no time at all.

Wooden Spoons and Utensils

Wooden spoons and other utensils like forks and ladles can be sold as ornamental pieces or as functional pieces for use in the kitchen. Once you have your wooden bowls perfected, you could add some wooden utensils to make a wonderful salad bowl set. Once again, with a lathe, wooden spoons and forks are not too difficult to make and, because they are handcrafted, people are prepared to pay a good price for them.

Wooden Toys

Because wooden toys are not so readily available in the stores now, people are prepared to pay premium for them. There are so many things that you could make in a children’s toy range. You could have wooden puppets, wooden dolls, or even a wooden train set. If you do decide to make wooden toys part of your woodworking in the garage for money project, you will have to bear safety in mind. Each region will have its own regulations with regards to the safety of children’s toys, so find out what the rules are in your area before you start to sell any wooden toys.

Children’s Furniture

Children’s furniture is another item that you will have to be careful about how you make and the products that you use in the manufacturing process, but a range of kid’s furniture could be your best seller. Little chairs and tables, baby cribs and toy boxes are just a few of the things that parents love to buy for their children.

Source by Neil Savin