5 of the Best Selling Strategies For a Slow Property Market

It is easy to buy into the negativity surrounding the global financial crisis, but forget about the bad press and follow these simple rules to ensure your house sells for the price you want, when you want.

1) Get straight onto having a big spring clean inside and out, by tending to repairs, cleaning, de-cluttering and depersonalizing the space. It may be that a garage sale is in order. Leave yourself plenty of time to do this. Clearing out the things you do not need for daily living and those that are very personal to you, will help your buyers to see the property's features more clearly – and picture themselves living there.

2) Keep in mind things like what you paid, how much you owe on your mortgage, the amount you need to finance your next home and memories of your time there, do not determine your home's selling price. Also, renovations are not the big ticket to a higher selling price that many homeowners imagine them to be.

3) Go to as many 'open for inspections' as you can in your street and suburb. Do a comparison on features like location, aspect, block and house size, and property condition. Take note of the asking price and eventual selling price. Going along to open homes is also a good way to meet the real estate agents actively selling in your area.

4) Give thought to the type of buyer / s who would buy your property. Use the number of bedrooms, yard size, and location to services as a guide. Ask yourself what it was that attracted you to the property and the area when you bought.

5) Choose an agent who knows and has a track record of sales in your area. There is little point to hiring an out of area agent who will have much less of an idea of ​​your market, compared to a locally based agent. You also need an agent who's prepared, has excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, and good problem solving skills. Look too for confidence, but without bragging. Be very clear that you will not hire based on price.

Source by Donna Ross

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