Memory Foam Mattress – Your Little Piece of NASA Technology

Memory foam mattresses have increased in popularity over recent years in the UK, as many people of all ages, shapes and sizes have started to enjoy the benefits they offer.

Memory foam was developed as part of the NASA space program, back when it was known only as visco-elastic polyurethane foam. NASA had grand plans for the foam, its main purpose being to ensure that the astronauts were kept as comfortable as possible whilst enduring the high levels of g-force that impact their bodies during take-off and re-entry.

This space age foam was then used in hospitals to help patients sleep who had bed sores, as well as by vets treating race horses with damaged limbs. The memory foam keeping the animal in a still, supported position allowing for better blood circulation and faster healing.

You may not be planning a trip into space anytime soon or have a thoroughbred racehorse with a sore leg, but that does not mean you can not benefit from the use of memory foam and all that hard work put in by the space gurus in houston. The other benefit on offer here is much more important and valuable … a good night's sleep!

Sleep is often sacrificed for grabbing those extra few hours to finish a college assignment, complete that end of year report for your boss, or to stay and have one more drink after a good meal.

Many people however, have sleepless nights due to bad backs, pains in their neck or legs and in some cases they just can not get comfortable, tossing and turning, pulling the duvet one way then the other, putting their arms on their head, then under the pillow amongst many other weird and wonderful positions. If this describes your 'sleeping' pattern, then a good quality memory foam mattress could be the answer to your (and your partners) prayers.

5 reasons why Memory foam mattresses are great:

1. They stop tossing and turning – they relieve the pressure on pressure points in your body, as you settle on the foam you will feel as if you are floating as it adapts to your exact body shape.

2. While you are asleep and dreaming of that impending lottery win, your memory foam mattress will be actively changing to the shape of your body as you move naturally during sleep. This is what keeps you in the land of nod and ensures you get an uninterrupted night's sleep.

3. They help reduce pain – memory foam mattresses provide excellent support for your neck and spine. Keeping these aligned properly means you will be able to lie comfortably making it easier to fall off to sleep.

4. They last longer than normal mattresses as dust mites and parasites hate them and do not like the taste.

5. They were invented by NASA – how many of your friends sleep on space age technology? (You'll be able to spot the ones who do not; they usually have bags under their eyes and an energy drink in their left hand).

If you have trouble sleeping due to aching joints, arthritis or postural problems a memory foam mattress should help towards achieving a good night's sleep. Unfortunately it is not known (yet!) For reducing snoring, but who knows, maybe NASA are working on it?

Source by Guy Levine

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