Fashion Seasons In India

India is a land of festivals. With a confluence of varied religious and traits the time to come together and enjoy is plenty. Fashion naturally is a part of such traditions. Largely Indian wear is teamed as sarees, shararas, choli-ghagra, salwar suits and the latest fusion wear.

Cosmopolitan urban areas are where people celebrate all festivals irrespective of religion or caste barriers. It is very nice to find shops and malls decked with colour red and stocking a host of varied red hues and patterns with the advent of December to celebrate Christmas. New Year sales and winter collections hit the market much earlier. Designs are international in taste. Each year sees a new breed of designers and jewelry brands. Launches are new in the accessory industry and foot wear business.

Raksha Bandhan sees a unique display of clothes and materials in the markets. The clothes in the kid apparels are more interesting and fusion in nature. This is gifting time and much designs and blending patterns in sarees and dress materials too.

Holi sees a lot of whites and cream shades. Worn with a flowery threadwork dupatta or again same white odhni, it is time to join the fun. Sankrath sees a lot of ladies in black clothes. Dushera is when the famous Durga Puja and Navratri season begins. Nine unique days of fashion entertainment. Designs come into fore inorder to cater to the needs and sensitivity of young and old. Bolder fusion patterns in tank tops and backless cholis team the traditional bandhni works in silk and cotton. Men’s wear are special too with small topis in shell and mirror worked jackets. Ready made outfits with free trial rounds mark the season.

Diwali is great business time for the apparel industry. There is a myriad of vivid colours and the vibrancy in window display marvels you. Dazzling designs and unique blending of saris and blouses keep your tailor busy. Diwali parties and puja demand niche wear. Whether a group celebration or a big bash Diwali is super festive season.

Id time is colourful with the latest works in Kashmiri silks and satin suits. The veils and burrqa work are admirably tailored by gifted artisans. It is interesting to note the range in handkerchiefs, cotton gloves and socks worn by Muslim ladies. Shopping festival time too, this season.

Fashion is a changing element and adjusts to suit needs of climate too. Monsoon collections come with cut offs, and easy dry fabrics. Summers demand the need for cotton, linen, muslin and other airy wear. Woolen and inner wear are just not warm clothes but fashion statements.

It is a personal celebration to shop for special items on your wedding anniversary, spouse birthdays or this Valentine!

Source by Jennie Kakkad

Pros and Cons of Watching Television

Many of us love watching TV especially during our free time and if we don’t have anything to do. We like watching TV while eating our favorite snacks or hanging around in a friend’s place. Either way we are entertained when we watch TV. There are many different programs we can watch on TV depending on our mood and our personality. Some love watching comedy and talk shows while others particularly kids and those who are young at heart love watching cartoons on Cartoon Network or Disney channel.

But then, watching TV has its advantages and disadvantages. Experts say that too much watching of TV especially among children is not good for the health and the mind. TV can be entertaining and informative yet at times it can be damaging and harmful.

Below are the Pros and Cons of watching TV.


1.) Entertainment and Laughter

We are entertained by shows we love to watch. We laugh at things we find funny and comical in the TV program we are watching. We also love to dance or sing along with celebrities we see on TV and some of us even copy their dance moves and singing styles.

2.) Information and How-To

We learn a lot of information about places and people that we usually don’t learn on magazines, books and newspapers. There are travel shows that show us beautiful places in the world and inform us the culture of different countries which can be a great help especially if we are planning to travel. We also easily learn how to cook new recipes by watching cooking shows and we can learn doing some other stuff through programs that show step-by-step procedures of performing a particular work, exercise or other interesting stuff.

3.) Improve Memory and Easy Learning

We usually take note of the time schedule for our favorite programs especially if it is only shown once or twice a week. We tend to store and recall the things that recently happened in our favorite show before the next episode will be shown on TV. This will help enhance our memory which we can apply on our daily life. For children, it is easier to learn math, science, alphabet and other subject matters if someone can show them how to do it like counting, identifying objects and a lot more. Educational TV shows are available for children to watch and learn.

4.) Bonding With Family and Friends

Watching TV is a great way to bond with family and friends especially on weekends. You can laugh and discuss things that you see on TV. That can be really fun.

5.) Awareness and Alertness

Weather reports and current news on different parts of the worlds can make you aware of what is happening outside your country. You can also be alert when there is an incoming typhoon in your area and that can help you get prepared.


1.) Decline in creativity and imagination.

TV shows including commercials have tendency to share their creative works on us and impart their ideas and opinions on us which is not favorable and can lead to a decline in our creativity and imagination since we can not think on our own since creative stuff are readily available and shared to us.

2.) Health problems

We usually eat junk foods or any of our favorite snacks while watching TV. This is not good for our health because we tend to eat a lot while we are sitting down facing the television. This can lead to obesity since we don’t move a lot when we watch TV. This can also lead to other serious ailments caused by eating a lot and moving less.

3.) Makes people lazy

Most of us get hooked when watching programs of our favorite TV channel. We sometimes even forget to do our work or other important things because we got engaged in the show we are watching. Some people forget to do their household chores because they would rather watch TV than work.

4.) Some shows don’t teach good values.

There are TV programs that do not teach good values particularly to children. Instead of teaching them good deeds they even imitate, re-enact or spoof important things happening around us which is not good for children to watch.

To sum up, in watching TV you should choose and monitor the TV programs that you and your children should watch. Choose programs that can help you learn and grow as a person. You should also limit the time your children spend in watching TV. The maximum number of hours small kids should watch TV is 3 hours while for teenagers you should make sure they watch good shows only when they are done with homework and projects.

Source by Jimmy Hermann

Men’s Fashion – The Bow Tie

Bow Ties have been worn by men for many centuries, the first bow tie being reported in the 17th century. Traditionally the tie has thought to have been the reserve of certain professions and any attempt to wear one would often be associated with an attempt to draw attention to ones self.

More recently, however, there has been a resurgence of the bow tie as a legitimate fashion accessory. After spending many years in the fashion wilderness, hopefully, it is back to stay.

Men’s fashion designers are currently looking for inspiration from previous generations, this can be seen with the resurgence of accessories like the pocket square and the tie bar. Many celebrities have been seen wearing bow ties, including the current Doctor Who actor Matt Smith, who has made bow tie wearing cool again.

There is an increasing trend by designers for taking fashionable items from yesteryear and updating them, giving them a new look for the modern man. The bow ties of today are much slimmer than the older versions.

If you have never worn a bow tie before, the concept of tying one may seem a little bit daunting, but with practice you should be able to accomplish this quite easily and achieve a perfect finish. If you are overwhelmed by the prospect, there are plenty of pre-tied or clip on versions, which look very effective, but for that extra finesse, take some time and learn to tie your own.

Like any tie, colour is important, generally winter commands darker, more solid colours while spring and summer can afford lighter and more pastel shades. Traditionally most ties were made from silk, but are now available in many materials including wools, tweeds and even denim, giving them much greater versatility.

Bow ties are no longer associated with formal attire, they can now be worn without a jacket, even worn with a shirt and jeans, giving a more casual, yet fashionable look

Other accessories can also be added to give extra style, and they look great with braces, just make sure you coordinate colours and patterns, to achieve a very stylish look.

Source by Louise Owen

Benefits of Bespoke Tailoring: Why You Should Avoid Off the Rack Suits

Some people get the wrong impression, and then laugh it off when they speak of it later. Others, however, let that first impression set the basis for future conversations, and it may not be good. To make sure that everyone gets the perfect first impression, it’s important for professionals to make sure that visit a reputable bespoke tailor in the area so that they can enjoy the benefits of a professional business suit that an off the rack suit simply will not give them.

Fits perfectly

When suits are manufactured to be on a rack at a local business, they are typically made in standard sizes. This can make it difficult to find a suit that fits perfectly. Visiting a bespoke tailor, on the other hand, guarantees that suits will fit perfectly. Patterns are often made from scratch, seamstresses make sure that measurements are exact and every suit is made with exceptional skill so that it is not too loose, which can make an individual appear unprofessional.


These businesses are the place to go for unique suits. Suits that are on the rack are manufactured by the hundreds, guaranteeing that if someone buys a suit off the rack, someone else more than likely owns the exact same suit.

When those in search of a unique men’s suit take the time to work with a bespoke tailor, they can guarantee that the vision they have of a perfectly unique suit will come to life. Seamstresses work individually with every client to develop a personalised pattern to sew their suit out of, guaranteeing that no two suits are exactly alike.


Because a bespoke tailor will make a personalised pattern for every client, this allows the client the chance to add in their own personal touches. For example, maybe a person wants a pocket on the right side instead of the left side, or maybe they prefer to wear a jacket that is a bit longer than the traditional length of business suits. Whatever the case may be, an experienced tailoring company can make sure that every customer has a business suit that they are comfortable wearing.

Better quality

Suits that are manufactured by the hundreds are often made from cheaper fabric, resulting in a suit that appears as though it has aged years in a matter of months. When men opt for a suit made by a bespoke tailor, they will be able to choose their own fabric, guaranteeing that they get a suit that lasts longer.

Most seamstresses that work in a bespoke tailoring company are extremely knowledgeable about different types of fabrics, and the pros and cons that come with each one. By working one on one with an experienced team, men can rest assured that their new suit will meet all their needs.

A person’s outfit is the first thing that is noted by an employer during an interview, the first thing that a person notices when they walk into an office, and one of the few things that can determine whether a meeting goes well, or horrible, before a single word is ever spoken. To make sure that the first impression others have is an excellent one, men will need an excellent suit that fits properly, is made of high quality material and is the perfect colour.

Source by Irene Gutierrez

How to Make a Resume Objective for Fashion

A fashion resume is required not only by models but also by many other professionals working in this industry. Fashion encompasses many seemingly disparate fields. A fashion model is widely known, but we don’t know all those who work behind the scenes, making the fashion shows successful. These include the fashion designer, the groomsmen, the stylists, the light men, the photographers, the list goes on.

Fashion is a field of glamour, a field of shutterbugs, one where the professionals cannot spend even a single working day without getting photographed. It is a profession in which the private lives of the people concerned with are compromised to such an extent that they have to hide from the cameras and the paparazzi. The work involved also takes its toll and leaves the concerned individuals disturbed. Quite literally, everything that glitters is not gold.

As there are so many different fields in fashion each of them must have a unique resume objective. The objective changes even according to the experience a person has garnered. Just as no two people can have the same finger prints, same way, no two resumes can have the same objective. This is because each person has some unique traits. Each resume objective has to be tailored according to the individual’s profile because this is the first thing that an employer is going to read in your resume.

There are quite a few tips and tricks to write a winning objective. Specifically, in fashion, your resume has got to be as attractive as your personality, as after all, your charisma speaks volumes here. And an attractive resume starts from an eye catching objective. The objective of your resume can many times decide the fate of your application; hence it is of the utmost importance in your resume.

Some tips for writing a good fashion resume objective:

• Keep it short and simple

• Make it attractive, while at the same time keeping in mind not to add any irrelevant details

• Never go on rambling, only chip in the necessary points

• Make sure you write what you are going to provide your employer with, not your own desires

• Elaborate how you can add value to the employer’s organization

Here are some resume objectives of various people from fashion industry just as examples:

– Objective of a model:

To get employed as a model where I can use my traits on the ramp for successful fashion shows

– Objective of a model in an advertising agency:

Usage of my skills and personality for the promotion of brands that my agency caters to

– Objective of a hair stylist:

Get a job of hair stylist in a fashion agency where I can utilize my hair styling skills for the beautification of models

– Objective of a makeup artist:

To accentuate the beauty of models by getting employed in a fashion show hosting company where I can help them with their makeup

– Objective of a fashion designer:

To gain a position of a fashion designer in a lead fashion magazine, thereby helping my organization attain a magnificent success by virtue of my creativity and design skills

Source by Jennifer Joe Parker

Workplace Fashion’s Gone Casual – Should Lawyers Be Joining the Trend?

Recently, a local legal event featured a lawyer as its speaker. The speech was intelligent and professional, delivered with confidence and poise.

But I have it on good information that many lawyers in attendance ignored the speaker’s material and performance. They focused on his clothes: blue jeans and a button-down top.

The outfit was not a crime. (Maybe a misdemeanor, depending on how many lawyers make up the jury.)

A lot of lawyers in attendance reportedly thought the speaker broke an important tradition by not wearing the sacred uniform of suit and tie. Others were bemused or distracted or felt a touch of envy. Everyone had a strong reaction, which was unexpected.

It’s strange, because we all know full well that the rules of attire are changing. Companies have shifted away from formality.

I know, because when I ride the train and walk around Chicago, I don’t see many suits anymore. The anything-goes trend has taken over.

Will this trend spill into the legal world? Has it already? It depends on where you live. I’ve heard that in Silicon Valley, a suit on a lawyer is a red flag. It signifies being out of touch with client values and expectations – a code defined by the tech revolution and its culture of innovation.

By contrast, in New York or Europe, the issue of attire is business as usual. You see a lot of formality due to the sheer volume of legal and financial firms in those locales.

In versatile, down-to-earth Chicago, law firms have become less formal. But less formal doesn’t mean NOT formal. When you walk near the Daley Center, you see more suits than anywhere else in the city.

Here, to a great extent, the lawyer’s tradition of formal dress is alive and well.

That’s a good thing.

The legal profession is important and consequential; it warrants formality. This is particularly the case in a courtroom environment, where attire can affect how citizens view and respect the legal process.

From a career standpoint, our choice of dress is a powerful marketing tool. This is true, even in Silicon Valley, where the branded look and feel is different but the message is the same. Donning appropriate clothing tells our clients and the rest of the legal world that we mean business.

It’s important to look the part if you want to cultivate a successful brand. Formal attire, in Chicago at least, is still table stakes for an attorney or law firm. It shows your clients that you take their cases seriously.

Another benefit of formal attire is it advertises that you’re a lawyer. Example: When I go to a general networking event, as soon as I enter the room I can pick out the lawyers. Our suits are a dead giveaway. Pretty soon, strangers come up to me asking if I’m an attorney. The next thing you know, we’re exchanging business cards.

Of course, there are times when a suit isn’t needed. Like when I’m going to the office but have no court or meetings scheduled.

Sounds pretty standard, but it wasn’t always that way. Growing up, I remember my father, an attorney, leaving the house every morning in a business suit. No matter what he had planned that day, he wore the uniform.

Times have changed. We’ve all strayed from tradition in our way. But some things never change: We’re still attorneys, we do important work.

While many industries have gone casual, formal attire is part of who we are as lawyers. In a sense, that puts us in the rarefied company of heart surgeons, military generals, police officers, even the president, none who could perform their life-changing work sporting jeans.

OK, maybe heart surgeons wear jeans under their scrubs.

Look, if you want to wear jeans under your suit pants – where clients and colleagues can’t see them – go ahead, be my guest.

While we’re on the subject of strange wardrobe behavior, if you do choose to go casual, it doesn’t mean you can wear any old thing.

How you dress on casual days speaks volumes about your judgment, self-awareness and how in-touch you are with the times. These are important factors in how lawyers present their image to clients and colleagues.

Closing argument: If you’re a lawyer speaking or presenting to an audience full of lawyers, wear formal attire. People will focus on what you’re saying instead of what you’re wearing.

Here’s a rule of thumb in Chicago: In today’s less-traditional times, when in doubt, look the part, wear a suit.

Source by Michael Craven

Mens Clothing – The Guide to Longer Lasting Mens Clothing

Let’s face it, guys don’t spend a lot of time shopping in the mens clothing section. They dislike hemming and hawing over which pair of pants is just a little bit better and they may not be willing to go pick up another package of underwear until there are holes in it from one end through the other and it sags like a pair of well….In any case it’s difficult to get a man to hang out in the mens clothing department. They are in, picking up what they need and back out again. It’s like a well planned covert operation to them. How quickly can they sneak in and out with out the clothing attendant even realizing that someone has been in the department?

However, men, by taking just a little time at the department store to consider your options in the mens clothing section you’ll save yourself some time and money in the long run. A man on a mission has a tendency to stick to one brand of clothing or to pick out the cheapest option. He doesn’t look around too much unless there is a gal with him to do it for him. He also doesn’t spend a lot of time trying on clothing. He may try on a pair of pants to see if they fit and he’s good to go.

Now, it’s always an excellent idea to try on the clothing you want to buy. Instead of just one or two pieces of clothing take several pairs into that fitting room. It’s also a good idea to try on clothing one size below and one size above the clothing size you currently wear. You may have lost some weight or gained and don’t even realize that the clothing you are wearing is ill fitting. Always use your trips to the mens clothing department to confirm these things.

Also, consider purchasing the slightly more expensive piece of clothing. More expensive sometimes means more frills and fashion trends than you’d feel comfortable in, but it can also mean a better quality, better fitting and longer lasting piece of clothing. The longer your clothing lasts, the longer you can goes without having to put one foot in the mens clothing section of the store.

There are a few things to pay attention to when looking at a piece of clothing to make sure it’s good quality and will last you longer. Feel the fabric to ensure it’s a nice weight. Some manufacturers will use very thin, low quality fabric to help cut their costs. This fabric quickly becomes threadbare. Even if you are buying a tee shirt it should be both stretchy and tightly knit. When you pull on the fabric it should easily return to its original shape.

A good jeans fabric is heavy too. It may also feel very soft and well broken in. However, a stiffer pair of jeans if okay too and you’ll be able to break it in later with repeated washings to help soften the fabric.

Paying attention to good quality, trying on your clothing and paying slightly more will ensure that you get longer lasting mens clothing. A good array of options in your wardrobe means you’ll always be the best dressed man in the room.

Source by Anton Kal

Baby Clothing Gifts

Baby clothing gifts are the perfect gift for parents and for the babies themselves and this is something that the parents are going to be needing and buying in abundance. The reason for this is of course simply that their children are going to be constantly growing and that means that they are going to be constantly growing out of the clothes that fit them and needing replacements.

New parents of course are not rolling in cash – if nothing else having a baby is a highly expensive experience and they are going to be needing all the help they can get financially more so than ever before. By giving them baby clothes then you are greatly helping them and making life easier. Another reason that baby clothes are a great gift is simply that babies tend to ruin whatever they’re currently wearing even more rapidly than adults can. For instance when they end up urinating or soiling their pants, or when they throw all their food down their tops. When this stains permanently there is little that most parents can do to salvage the situation and that means that they can end up looking like the most neglectful parents who let their children walk around in dirty clothes. Again they’re going to love you for buying them something as thoughtful as baby clothes gifts.

At the same time though they will take a lot of joy in the opportunity to dress up their children and to give them nice clothes. This is one of the great appeals of having children – turning them into little people and imagining what they will be like when they’re grown up. What better way to do so than to dress them up? Meanwhile parents love it when their little sprogs start to develop personalities that shine through and this can also be achieved with clothing as the clothes suddenly give the children that much more personality.

You do need to choose carefully though when you are buying baby clothes and this is something that you can get wrong if you’re not careful. The first thing you need to consider is size. Make sure that you buy some clothing that is going to be large enough for the bay and make sure that you think ahead – if you are unsure of the size then buy big because of course the baby is always growing and that means that they will grow into the clothes that you give them.

Another thing to consider is quality. It’s very important to buy good quality baby clothes, first because they are going to be put through the ringer with the child making such mess, but also because they have to be soft and comfortable. If you buy them bad quality clothes then the baby will be itchy or chaffing, or they will be too cold or hot. This then results in a screaming baby and suddenly you have two parents who aren’t quite so grateful or necessarily singing your praises.

Source by Katie Jo

What Makes A Good Movie

Art is reflection of our society and life and movies are often regarded as modern expressions of art. They make us laugh and cry and we often love to quote them, they edify us enlighten us.

Every year numerous movies are made in the entertainment industries but all are not liked: some top the charts while others are kicked out of the box office. Some become the hot topic of discussion for the critics while others just escapes their notice, in short some get a thumps up while others a thumps down.

But how many of these, which get a positive feedback, are actually good movies? Well it is not that simple to answer, as it seems. The topic is very much subjective. What seems good to some may not be the same for the others. What appears enjoyable to a few others might be enjoyable for others. Then what exactly is a good movie? To generalize it, we can say that those movies, which are liked by the mass and not by some class category of people, could be considered as a good movie. But what are the traits that are needed for a movie to qualify as a good one. First of all a movie should provide good entertainment. They are of course others:

Touch our feelings: A movie should touch our heart and make us talk or think about it instead of just becoming a time pass. It should have the capacity to teach and inspire us and provoke us emotionally.

Educative: It should be able to let us know about something new. Nowadays movies are considered to be one of the most effective educational tools used to teach or educate people regarding certain issues. In short a good movie should have some educative value for the masses.

Mirror of the society: A good movie must also provide some elements of encouragement and inspire people towards successfully overcoming barriers. Movies are regarded as the mirror of life. Every story of a movie is more or less inspired by our life, by what happens around us.

But this is not all; there are some other factors also which contribute in making a movie, to be considered as good. Following are the points:

The Plot: This is the most important part of the movie. Without a good plot a movie fails to attract and retain the viewers in the theaters. Even if they were drawn to it initially for some reasons, people would loose interest sooner than later.

The Characters: The second most significant factor of any good movie is the characters of the story. Without them there would be no story and no plot. Characters should be such, that the audience likes them. Be it a positive character or negative one. They should have some qualities to which the people can relate.

Actors: We need good actors to make a good movie. Actors, who can justify the characters and make them, come alive in front of the audience. They must be able to portray the characters well so that people say that the characters are made keeping them in mind. They should blend themselves into the characters.

Script: Without dialogues movies look dead. Script is the life of movies so they should be very strong and appealing. They can even make people come and see the movie repeatedly.

Last but not the least, visual display of a movie with beautiful scenes and sceneries can also influence and draw people to the theaters.

Source by Victor Epand

The Power of Branding in Sports

Throughout the world, sports are one of the most popular of all industries. Fans of various sports create an almost romantic bond with their favorite teams/players. Fans labor for countless hours at their jobs, make tremendous sacrifices for the opportunity to don the same shirt as their favorite athlete/team and will pay upwards of their monthly salary for the opportunity to watch them in action. Sports create an almost euphoric feeling for their fans and when their team/player is successful, they are riding a high that is unrivaled to almost anything except child birth and marriage. Millions flock to stores to buy up any piece of memorabilia available that just dons their logo or player’s name. The only thing that matters to them is their team. A fan could be sitting at dinner with his/her significant other and their favorite team/athlete comes on the TV and everything stops and focuses on that player. They become a fixture in our life and we name our dogs after that player or team and everything revolves around the happenings of that organization. In a time where everything of value to us is failing and the world around us is crumbling financially, we cling to the one thing we know will never let us down…. our sports team/athlete.

But what sports fans fail to realize is that sports are a business. They work no different then your top businesses in the world (i.e. Wal Mart, Target, ExxonMobil etc.) Their goal is to turn a profit, and as big of a profit as possible. Athletes are making obscene amounts of money, cities are basing their financial future on the decision of one athlete and organizations are lining up at the opportunity to throw tens of millions of dollars in the direction of an athlete just to place their name on their product. Some of the largest companies in the world have reached their current level of success through this exact practice. Nike would be nothing but a niche basketball apparel organization without the benefit of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Adidas would be a niche soccer apparel company without the help of countless European soccer clubs. So the stakes are enormous. Athletes can create a brand that revolutionizes the way we live our lives. But with the enormous clammer that is caused by creating a global brand, the fragility of aforementioned brand exceeds their predetermined value.

All it takes is one decision, one ill fated incident, one failed heroic attempt and your brand will crash faster then the stock market in 1929. Branding is the ultimate risk/reward. This risk/rewards applies to more then just the athlete. During the infamous Tiger Woods scandal, advertisers were dropping his brand like flies and realized that anybody associated with his name, would be seen in a negative sense… This will also be felt in the wake of the LeBron James debacle that took place only a few days ago. Branding in athletes is the ultimate game of surfing in shark infested waters. While on the board, you are riding the waves and reaping the benefits of an untarnished image. But as you begin to fall off of the board, your image and brand suffers. Your only option is to get out of the water. Wash your hands of all association to that athlete/brand and find yourself the next “IT” star.

Source by Justin Emig