Buy Beat Tips – Is it Better to Lease Or Buy a Beat?

The music industry is gradually shifting towards the independent labels rather than the majors. Since everything is going digital, it's way easier to make a project and get it out to thousands of people. Artists are now forced to learn more about the BUSINESS aspect of music where you need to know more than just how to rhyme.

Besides the business the aspect, the initial step towards success in the music industry is the over quality of you product, which is your music. You have to be able to provide your audience with high quality, professional sounding music in order to grow you fan base.

With that being said; as an aspiring hip-hop / r & b artist, your two main priorities are:

1. Studio time


These two vital elements are what provide your music with that rich quality sound that will get you the success you want. It will be the sound that the world hears every time you give away a demo or when someone downloads a mix tape. You lyrical content and flow is essential, but the BEAT behind your lyrics are what will grab your audience's attention.

When it comes to buying beats, you have to get the best out of your investment because in the long it's more expensive then studio time, so make every beat count. As an artist it is your job to develop an ear for hot beats in order to increase your chances of getting a hit song.

A common problem that most indie artists face is that they do not have a lot of money and a lack of knowledge when it comes to the music industry so you have to quickly learn how to spend your money wisely when it comes to buying beats. For a new artist I strongly recommend that you should seriously consider buying beats online because there are literally THOUSANDS of producers that are hungry to get in the game and selling beats independently. Because there are so many online producers, the pricing for beats has dropped DRAMATICALLY due to competition. Today you can lease a beat for $ $ 10- 20 dollars apiece and even receive FREE BEATS if you sign up to their mailing lists.

Throughout the decades, beats have become more and more affordable, but with that being said, you really have to be more careful when you purchase. Look for sites that give you the option of leasing or buying a beat, because these are the producers that take their beats and business seriously. What's the difference between leasing and buying?

1.Leasing (non-exclusive) – you do not own the beat, you are given the right to use it for mix tapes, demo CDs, albums, performances. Leasing a beat is cheaper than buying a beat, so if you do not have a lot of money to begin with then this is the route for you.

2. Buying (exclusive) – buying a beat out right is when you pay for the beat FULL PRICE. You now OWN the beat. This is a little more expensive but if you have the money to do so and you DO NOT want anyone else to use this beat than this is something that you would want to consider.

Another thing to look out for when purchasing beats online is to listen for the quality of the beat. As an up and coming artist, you need beats that are mixed and ready for radio play. If you take these tips and apply it to your career than you will be that much closer towards your dreams.

Source by Christopher P Morris

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